Friday, December 27, 2013

Your Marriage Can Be Saved.

  In the beginning God created us male and female and He also performed the first wedding. Because of the fall we started to have marriage probklems and we started something called divorce.
   You don't have to divorce. in fact, if you are someone who calls him self a Christian, there is a better way. Try this answer to the divorce question.
    God brought the two of you together. It is not good for a man to alone.  God hates divorce.
     Get help if you need it. There is nothing wrong in seeking advise.
     No one is complete in and of himself. No one knows all there is to know.
     Seek help when it is being offered.
     This is a digital e-book and is only $49.95.
     Get it today while it is still  available.
      Once you have been helped, pass it on.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

`Context Is Everything

      I got to thinking recently about prayer. When I pray is my prayer making a difference? Is God hearing?
      I do accept the Bible as the written communication of God to me and others who are His. I don't hold to God speaking face to face with each one of us today. He has spoken in His Son and He has authored the Bible. That is the extent of His communication with us when it comes to what we need to know about Him.
     Anyway, as I was starting to say about prayer. Does God answer prayer?
     In the Bible we are told that Jesus ( God in the flesh) is the same yesterday, today and forever. In context, what does that mean?
    Now, I am not ordained. I don't belong to any denomination nor can I be the man who stands up and says this is what God says. I am not the under-shepherd. But I am a seeekr.
     When this was penned the time was during the first century.. Jesus--God answered prayer in the Old Testament period of time. That was before God became flesh and dwelt among us. That is the yesterday being spoken about.
    God became flesh and dwelt among us. God heard prayer offered then and answered. That was the now.
    After Jesus ascended and the Bible was closed toward the end of the first century when John finished Revelation, that is the forever.
.   God answered in the days before becoming flesh. He answered when He was in flesh. He answers now based on what He has done in the past. So I could conclude that He hears and answers prayer now in the twenty-first century.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More On The ABC Study Method

    I was viewing the statistics of this blog and noticed that the ABC Method is still being looked at. So I decided to major on that subject for this posting.
     First off let me remind you why you are studying the Bible. That is: the goals.
  1.      You want to learn more about Christ
  2.       You wish to know how to be a more effective Christian
  3.        You want to know what the Bible says about a certain subject.
  4.         You want to know what does the Bible mean
  5.         You want to know how does the Bible apply
      As you study you are asking yourself those questions.
      Since I am still getting a response for the ABC Method I will discuss it a bit more here. I may repeat at certain points what the earlier post has said. That is fine as repetition is good.
       The ABC method is subjective. You are the one who determines what it is doing for you. The ABC method has many variations and is very popular.  It is basicly a simplified analytical approach to the Study of the Bible.
       We work this in reverse order. d,c,b,a.
  • D Section is where you "digest" what you have chosen. You read through the passage over and over. Usually you use ten verses. If this sounds familiar it is because in the previous posts to this blog I have been putting forth the idea of reading ten verses at a time. So you are just continuing this habit.
  • C Section is where you are doing "cross references" Try to find parallel passages or passage for each verse. It can be related to a word, an idea, or general teaching. You are letting the Bible explain itself.
  • The B section is where you are looking for the "Best Verse" in the passage you have read. Ask yourself what is the basic verse or key verse of this passage
  • A Section is where you are doing the "Application". Be sure to apply to your life the lesson of this passage. Write something like .." The Bible is saying to cast all my cares upon the Lord so I am doing this, and therefore I will not worry about...".  You shouold be able to find several; applications from the passage you are lookin gat.
     There is an E section if you wish to go deeper. The E section would be an "Extended Paraphrase."
     There you have a further discussion on the Bible Study Method--ABC Method.
     Go and may you grow deeper in the knowledge of God.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It Is Called Ability Giving

       Last Sunday Pastor Joe of ACTS Church gave as his sermon a sermon on ability giving. This is not the same as the Tithe or Law giving. It is giving according to your ability to give. There is noi set level of giving attached to this. Just what you are able to give.
       Most of us think of giving as financi
al so ability giving is giving a portion of what youi are able to make this past week.
       If you are a writer than a portion of your check that you receive.. that portion that is a sacrifice for you. For giving for a Christian seems to be the equivalent of the lamb or dove offered to God in the days of old by the people of Israel.
       Or if you are able to sell a product this past week and have recedived the payment. A portion of that. According to your ability. It is called ability giving.
       The example of the widows mite in the days of Jesus is an ability offering. She gave of her ability. The rich people gave off the top and probably never missed what they gave. But the widow gave more  than off the top..
       Or if you do internet marketing and you get money from this type of business, give according to your ability.
        Remember, it is called ability giving.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

How It Is Going

      In my last post I was mentioning spending time in God's word every day. It is a method I call the ten verse a day method.. I wish to report I have since the last post been doing the method to see how it worked.
      You choose a book of the Bible to read just ten verses a day. I started in Genesis. In  fact I am still there. I read the ten ]verses. "In The Beginning God created..." and I notice what is being said. I jot down observations.
       Interesting. God created by speaking into existence things He went  day by day. He finished each day that days' work.. He seems to be building up to a climax. As I read I see that climax as being man.
       And so on.
       You can do it also. It is not a hard method. It can get slow. I wouldn't require it as a first method to use in your study of the Bible. I think it should be a method used after you have a good grasp of what the whole Bible says.
       Let God impress on you what is there. This is recorded in your journal. Always keep a pen and paper handy as you do this method so you know where you are.
       Let me know how you are doing.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Toxic Scheduling

       Back on the subject of use of time. Since I am a believer in time being only circulated once in that we can't relive our past. We have only the present to use.And if we are lucky, And God wills, we have a future. But what we do in the present determines that.
       So how is our scheduling of time? Do we plan to spend more time with God? Each day do we spend time studying our Bible? This is where we allow God to speak with us. Do we spend time in prayer? This is where we talk to God.
       I have posted earlier many methods of Bible Study. maybe you can go back and look them over
.     We shouldn't depend on the once a week in church service to be the only time we open the Bible and hear God speak. We must be self feeders. Even if it is only a few verses a day, say ten verses, we should be reading. This is spending time with the important person in your life.
        And you will want to bring something to write on so you can take notes. Record your observations. In fact, journals. are a good idea. Keep one of your daily readings and you will see progress.
        I do it and you can do it too.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Do They Have A Right To The Land?

  This is a continuation of yesterdays post. Today I would like to ask-- do the Jews have a right to the land that they are living in? And I would answer, yes. The even have the title deed.
        I am not talking only about the fact God gave it to them. That truth doesn't hold much weight to the present day groups' of people who are fighting them. No. What I am going to point out is that they have a title deed.
        It was granted to them a long time ago. Not as long as the Bible. More like 1917 and the Balfour Declaration written by  the British foreign secretary James Balfour declaring a  Jewish "National Home" in Palestine.
       In 1921 Winston Churchill stated, "It is manifestly right that the Jews who are scattered all over the world should have a natural centre and a natural home where some of them may be reunited. And where else could that be but in the land of Palestine, with which for more than 3000 years they have been intimately and profoundly associated."
       It was article 22 of the covenant of the League of Nations. that transferred the sovereignty of the land to the Jews. This was as a result of decision made by the Supreme Council of the Principal Allied Powers, The United States, The United Kingdom, France,Italy, and Japan  Jacques Gautier  stated, "These five nations...had the legal power of disposition. They're the key victorious nations and they had the legal title by way of peace treaties and they can turn around and give it to others. You can't give rights to others unless you have the right to give them territorial sovereignty.".
       Palestine defines a geographical area not a culture or people. Palestine is a word used by the Romans. Before the establishment of the State of Israel,  Jews were called Palestinians
      They were given, so to speak, a title deed. They have a right to be there. They are not thieves. They have not taken some else's land. Since it is their land they have aright to be treated properly as others who have been able to enjoy the rights they have been given. Since Jerusalem is under international law and the land was given to them under international law they belong there and have a right to exist.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Arab Spring

      Look at your headlines. You notice that there is a lot going on in the Arab world and in the Far East. Look at America and remember Sept 11. What is happening is no accident.
      Let me try to define what is being called Arab Spring. It is a period of time in which democracy is being tried in the Middle East, among the Arabs and Egyptians and so on. But it is becoming an Iranian Winter in that the Muslims want to take over what we call democracy and turn it into a  Jihad, a war agaisnt the area they call "House of War". Everyone but them are in "the House of War". The Muslims see themselves as the "House of Peace". Everyone else is "The House of War".
    They see their purpose to make the whole "House of War" into a "House of Peace". In other worlds, they want Europe, America, and even Israel to be Muslim.
     Iran is watching the democratic attempt going on or the Arab Spring. They want to move in and set up an Islamic leader who will lead a battle to make the world Muslim.
     They have Israel in their sights. They wish to set up the kingdom in the Holy City and rule from there.
     A commentator has said "Indeed, the  Arab Spring doesn't lead to democracy, it leads to Jerusalem"
     I would like to recommend a book if you wish to know more. Read it and be aware of what is going on.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

View The Word In Your Mind

   Let  me continue a series on Bible study methods.
    As I have pointed out in the past in the earlier postings, there are many ways to do Bible study.:       
   There is the ABC method and the analytical method
   These were handled earlier and you should be able to go into the directory and locate them.
   This method is to put yourself in the portion you are reading. View it through your own eyes.
    Ask yourself, what am I feeling? What time of day is it? Would I be tired or wide awake.?
   If you were one of the twelve walking with Jesus when this happened, what would you be thinking?
    For example. The feeding of the five thousand.
   These people have followed you all day. You need to rest. You are hoping that Jesus wants to rest. The people have to be fed.
   Are you the one who says send them away? Or are you one who just doesn't care? Are your tired?  
   What did you think when Jesus said to have the crowd sit down? What were you thinking when Jesus took the loaf and the fish? What were you thinking when Jesus held it out and blessed it?
    Put yourself in the situation. Experience it as if you are there at the moment.
     It will take you time to  get through the whole Bible this way but you are studying it and allowing it to get in you and change your thought pattern. And that is good.

Monday, August 19, 2013

In The Image Of God

       When you see that phrase- 'The Image Of God' just what do your think? Are you thinking a mirror image? Are you think a facsimile Are you thinking an exact image? One down to every point  of the DNA?
       With all these philosophies floating around such as 'Law of Attraction',' Name It and Claim It', you need to ask yourself-- just exactly what was being said when the writer of Genesis said.. "in the image of God He created him."
         The best way to look at it is that God created man to share with, to walk with, to fellowship with. As any loving parent (and you have to realize I am using parent in the sense of creation)  part of the DNA was passed on.
         We share with God the ability to imagine. We also share the ability to create things. Not as God creates. God speaks something into existence and it is created. We can't speak something into existence. Therefore we are not given the authority or power to name and claim.a thing. Nor can our mere thought bring things into existence. Our thoughts may open us up to possibilities that we, by doing something, can attain an object, but no we can't think or dream something into existence. We create though seeing the way we can put two things together to make a new object or idea.
            God's image also allows us to procreate. His image also allows us to discover His laws of how things work.
             God's image does not include Lordship. We are not little gods nor was Adam And Eve created little gods. They were created to have fellowship with God not to arm wrestle Him to see who is sovereign.

Monday, August 12, 2013

You Can Memorize Scripture

  Part of growth in the Christian life is to have some passages of scripture memorized. Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee. David penned in the psalms.
   Let me invite you to memorize scripture.. It is nice to have a passage ready when you are tempted.  
   Or if you have some time to just mediate. That is another diacipline you should learn. Meditation. Turning the verse around and around in your mind. Asking what is it saying? How can I apply it to my life?
  You are called to feed yourself. Read your Bible. Memorize some verses and passages. As you memorize passages you will find you feel better about world events and daily life. People won't get on your nerves as much.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bible Reading Plan Through The Year

        When ever a person wants to read through the Bible.. and they should.. they can pick up a plan to do so almost anyplace in the church they attend. There is the slower plan put out by some ministers to have you read a portion in the morning and a portion at night.
        The Navigators have a plan to read three chapters in the Old and a three chapter portion from the New each day and to record what you are finding there. You go through the old once in a year and the new twice.
        There is the reading plan found in any Bible that will have you reading the Bible through all the way in a years' time.
          I am all for it--reading through the Bible. And once you do it once, start over. Use a different translation. Take notes. Do word studies. Do biographical studies. Do themes. If you are a Christian you must come to the place where you realize this Book..The Scriptures.. is God speaking. God had people He would depend upon to hear Him and transcribe what HE was saying.
          Ask what is being said? To whom is He speaking? Why is He saying it that way? Does it reveal anything about God that I should know? And once I know why he said that to those people, just what does it have to do with me? Is there an example for me to follow?  Is there an error I am to avoid?  How can I teach this to another?
            Feel free to comment and give me feedback. I will respond if it is possible.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Toxic Emotions Continued

So the series goes on. Toxic emotions are those that block your spiritual channel to blessings. Toxic thoughts are such that get  into your mind and work out in your actions. And you are asking yourself , where did that come from?
It comes from your childhood and your present actions are the result.
But Dr. Leaf says they can be wired out by a brain washing.
  Along the same subject, but not exactly, there is a book out that I have reviewed in my book blog - Runaway Emotions   that circles this area.
Anyway, the idea is that the brain wires these feelings in the brain and these feelings are transmitted to your nerves that record the feeling. The next time it occurs your brain remembers and the nerves react just as they had the first time.
  Anger is a toxic reaction to a situation.
  When you feel a toxic moment stop and ask yourself-- what am I feeling? How am I feeling. What did I just do? Journalize it. Record how you reacted. Talk it out. Tell God about it. Ask for His help. Seek others help.
    Get some exercise. Get the blood flowing in your brain.

Friday, July 12, 2013

God And History

  We live in a world that is two sided. We have the physical universe in which we can see, touch, feel, taste, and we live also in a spiritual universe. This universe we can't see, touch or feel with our normal senses. But it is there.
   History records the events in the physical world. History is just the what of things. History can be known because facts are written down and placed in books. History is not about meaning .
    History is possible because there is a God.  We can know about this God because He has chosen to reveal Himself to all. He has spoken and has caused to be written the Bible. This, I contend, is His communication. It records history.
     I also contend because there is a God there is a meaning to history. God adds meaning to history.
     When we read the Bible we have to add the dimension of theology to get to the meaning . Without theology as a tool we have no meaning to history.
      In other words, there must be a God to give meaning.
      You have a better chance at understanding history if you have a relationship. Without this relationship you have no meaning to what is recorded in the history books or in the Bible.
      Maybe you don't have any type of relationship. Maybe you need to redefine 'relationship'

A good place to go to explore the idea is here. Click on it and it will take you to a web page on the subject. And you may wish to take part in the offers there.. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Toxic Thoughts

      Toxic thoughts are thoughts that hurt your inner life. They are thoughts that determine your actions--your behaviour. The Bible states as a man thinks in his heart so is he. Which means you act out your thoughts.
       It is possible to rewire your thoughts. The Bible gives you the general parameters . In Philippians 4:8  God though Paul sets them down. "Finally brethren (  first of all it is only being addressed to those who know Jesus as their personal savior from the penalty of sin) whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute: if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things" NASB
       In other words, think on God and His work in your life. You are worthy because of what He has done. He is true. He is worthy of honor an so on. Dwell would mean to meditate on Him.
       To do a good job of this, one of the steps is to journal. To journal you need someplace to record. You could use your Ipad or a notebook. You need to be able to see your daily improvement and maybe someday turn around and help another.
        Feel free to explore your thoughts. Get rid of those toxic thoughts that say you are worthless and are not going to amount to anything. You are worth a whole lot for God to decide to redeem you and someday when He sees you face to face take you home to heaven to spend eternity with Him.

Monday, June 17, 2013

God Wishes His Earth To Be Cared For

  Look around you. What do you see? A earth that is in need of care.
  When God created Adam he was told to care for the garden. He was given a helper, Eve. They were gardeners in the beginning. They were to keep this earth green. The reason is easy to figure out. God wishes His earth to be cared for.
   In return Adam and Eve and their off springs would live by what the earth produced from their labor. It was easy work at that time. This was before the fall and things worked as they should.
    A good web site to go look at for some ideas on how to keep the earth green today would be one that has great offers also. So you can click the underlined words and you will be taken to a green site  where you will be able to get some ideas and take part in some great offers.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two Ways and Two Roads

  There is that portion in the Sermon On The Mount that Jesus gave as recorded in Matthew 7:13-20 where Jesus talks about gates and ways that people use to get through life. You know the passage. Jesus says, Enter by the narrow gate...
    Then He talks about a wide  gate. Two gates. The narrow and the wide. The wide gate is one most people find and walk on. It is easy. It is wide. And then there is the narrow gate that is not as easy. To enter you must drop some bags.
   The outcome of each path is different. The broad way is fun now but in eternity the end is away from God's presence.
  The narrow way is not easy now yet it leads to life with God.
   Daryl , the pastor of Victory Christian Fellowship, does a better explanation than I. You can listen to him here --which is a place to find the podcast.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Transgender Question

  I was reading this morning in our Santa Monica paper about a problem schools are having defining just what gender a person was. This has to do with what bathroom they will be using. What their acceptance will be by others. And so much more.
   Just what does the Bible have to say about transgender?
   That is a good question to ask. And it is both easy and hard to answer.
    Easy in that the Bible states God created them male and female in the beginning. God did not create transgender. He molded the person in his mother's womb. God makes no mistake in the forming.
    Hard in that society has thrown out the Bible as a book of authority.
    Instead society is looking toward science.. more exactly psychology, as the authority. And I understand psychology has thrown out the definition of transgender as abnormal. They have put the stamp of approval on the .. yes, let me state it plainly-- sinful behavior.
     I don't have to excuse myself. If you have read this blog for any time you know where I stand on the subject of sin. Sin is real. Sin is following short of the standard. And the standard is not what I say but what the God who has created me has said.
   So, no, transgender is not normal.
   So somewhere in that child's upbringing, it wasn't in the womb, he or she was told that it was not usual for them as the gender they were to do certain things or feel certain ways and be that gender.
   I know I may be sounding simplistic. Well, so be it..
    A child's brain is not able to  take in certain concepts. If in the education they receive they are presented with confusing signals and information, and they are approached by chicken hawks (I think that is what they are called) then in order to be accepted by the group they have fallen in, they adjust to the best of their limited ability.
   Okay, so look it up for yourself and come to your own conclusions. I have stated my opinion and now it is up to you to be brave enough to seek out your own answers.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We Have A New Pope

        We now have a new Pope even along side Benedict XVI. It will be hard for him, no doubt, to reign just across the courtyard, more or less, from a living Pope. Normally the last Pope dies and has to be replaced.
         This time one has resigned and lingers. A new Pope is set up.
        Just who is this person? A biography has been written. More like a press release, but you have to start someplace.
       It is not like he is not known by the inner circle. He worked fairly close with John XXIII and with Benedict XVI. He just does not put himself forward to be notriced. He seems to have been working behind the field in the background.
     A book has been written ,as I have noted. Francis, a man of prayer by Mario Escobar. I will place a link to Amazon so you can get this book..
     You should get to know this person. He may do great things.

Francis: Man of Prayer

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bible Study Help

     It is necessary for Christian Growth that you be able to feed yourself. You shouldn't stay with one meal a week.. that sermon on Sunday shouildn't be the only interfacing you do with God . But you should be training yourself to feed yourself.
    What I want is for you to study your Bible and get something for yourself. You need bible study help.
     My method is to have a pen and notebook along with me as I read my Bible. I stay with three chapters a day and I notice what is being said.
  • I ask to whom is the writer speaking? 
  • What is he saying? 
  • Is there something there I should take notice of. (this I jot down in mny notebook.)
  •  Is there something for me to pray about?
  • Is there a sin for me to confess? 
    For those of you out there reading this who would like to try to self feed, and all should, themselves I have a recommended book for you to look at. In  fact I will even give you a link to Amazon so you can purchase it. 

  Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods: Twelve Ways You Can Unlock God's Word

  It is a good book to purchas e and it will give you a handle on some methods that will prove very helpful.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bible Reading Update

       I was rereading my seminary text books the other day and I was fascinated by the book that had to do with Old Testament Theology. In it was stated something I guess I knew yet was not actively applying.
       It was the idea that when the people before the incarnation were reading their scripture they had yet to have a complete expalination of God and what He was like. Even today, if you were to think about it, we still have pockets of mystery when it comes to understanding completely.
      Yet today we have more understanding and more revelation of what God is like than they had back then.
      Well, this Old Testament scholar, I think it was Claus Westermann and his book," Elements of Old Testament Theology," stated that they only had trust in what had been written down to that point and were finding that God revealed Himself through actions.
     The example I like to use is the one of Abraham and his son Isaac. Abraham was told by God to take his son and sacrifice him on the mount.
     The people around him would sacrifice their first born child as a form of worship. That was all Abraham knew. Would this God he was following be like those of the nations around him?
      Abraham was willing to follow what he knew about God. So he made ready to sacrifice Isaac, firmly believing that God was able to raise Isaac from the dead if need be. After all, God had promised him that it was through Isaac that God was going to bring a great nation. And Isaac had to be alive to do so.
      Abraham found that God didn't want human sacrifice as a worship activity, as the nations around him, but He was different.
       You can explore more about this subject on your own.
      For help you can use this book on research tools using the search engine Google.. It is from the Dummy collection but I have found the series to be more than just written on a dummy level. It is written on a level that is understandable.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Meeting

      Just got back from a morning breakfast meeting of some of the planners of ACTS church men's fellowship. Seems we are on the move again.
        Pastor Joe put forth the vision of claiming a whole corridor of our city to go door to door on foot. We would put on our Nike or Puma footwear and carry a survey with us.
      We would ask: "In the community, what does the church look like to you?" and the second question, " What services should your church be giving you in the community?"
      We would compile the answers and move in that direction of a needs service meeting church.
      So I have wondered also, since you are not my community how would you answer that type of survey if someone came to your door and asked you? Or maybe just talked to you? In other words, what would a church look like  which is meeting the needs you have?
     Interesting question.
     Feel free to comment.
     Also feel free to purchase what is offered here.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bible Study for Growth

   Welcome. I want to spend a little time on the basics of Bible study for growth.
   We start off with a good translation of the Bible. It doesn't matter to me if you have a revised, a New King James, a New American Standard, or the New International translation.
   You just need one that you can read.
   In the study of your Bible you may want to mark up passages that you wish to note as important to you.
   You can get your suppies for this adventure at any stationary store.  I like to use a store like Office Max. They seem to have the products I need. Such as Paper Mate Flair Point pens.
     I also use a notebook-- it is a computer that I store my observations on. I tend to buy my electronics from the large stores such as Staples and Office Max.
     A Toshiba Notebook can also be purchased on line from . but you can get a notebook from any good computer store also. You don't need to go ouline for everything. You can use a brick and mortar store.
    So now you have a Bible and a notebook and a pen.
   The pen is for jotting down observations in a notepad. so you will need a notepad.
   Open your Bible. Note what book you are studying. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, so we know who overshadowed it and caused it to be written. But we are searching here for the human writer. So you note that down,
Prayer Helps Interpretation
    Let's start with the gospel of Mark. Mark was the human writer. It says so in the title. That one was easy.
   Now you read to see what is being said.  What is the purpose? Who are the characters? Is there something there I should know? Write that down. Make note of it.
   After all, you are doing a Bible study for growth.  You need to record things to be able to go back and see your growth.
    You may also want to mark up your Bible. Yes, go on. It is permissible. You can underline verses you want to remember. Or verses that made an impression on you. You can write notes in the margins.                                  
    A Bible is meant to be interacted with. God is speaking to you through the words used. You talk back to Him in prayer.
    Feel free to comment with me. I will answer.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Family Devotions is a Good Idea

    Let me post about something very important. That is important if you want to grow as a family as well as a Christian.
    That is the subject of family devotions. It is also known as family altar. 
The family that does devotions together stays together
    But I very much prefer the term family devotions.
    You gather the family together. Start small. Read from God's word, the Bible. Or you can use a devotional.
      Start where you are.
       So we will use the devotional for this discussion. We will use it because it is easy to explain what to do for family devotions.
    Have one person read the scripture passage suggested. Then have the next person read the explanation. Then have the group discuss what is being said. How it applies to their daily existence.
    If there are needs expressed, have someone record these in a journal somewhere. This is so you can refer back to it as time goes on and see how the answer has been developing.
    Don't make it too literary. Just something like, "Mike was mean to me at school today. Guess I have to learn how to forgive him."
     You can pick up supplies to record these needs such as pens and paper from an office supply store such as OfficeDepot.
      Let me know how you are doing.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A new Pope- Pope Francis I

 Well, the waiting is over. The Roman Catholic Church has a new CEO- I mean-Pope. Pope Francis I is the name he wants. He is Jorge Marco Bergolic of the Argentine. 
  It seems this is the first Latin American Pope. He is of the fellowship of Jesuits.
   This may mean the present Pope will be more doctrinal. The Jesuit order of the Roman Chuch is the order that defends the faith against error.
   Of course that error is according to the misinterpretation of the Roman Church.
   They base their authority on church  ( and even there the term is not the same as a Christian who has a relationship with God, would use) councils and not on the Bible, the writen revealed word of God.
   Therefore their understanding is based on man's not God's revelation.
   Anyway, they now have a new Pope to replace Benedict XVI.
    Only time will tell if they made a good choice.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

God is Sovereign

     First of all.. God is a Supreme Ruler. To be more exact He is The Supreme Ruler. He rules everything.
   God is Sovereign.
   He allows everything. Nothing is out of His control. Not even bad events. Not even illness.
   Do you actually think that there is anything God is not aware of? That there is anything God looks at and says, "Now, where did that come from?"
   This means that even evil in the world is allowed and caused by Him.
   God is Sovereign, that's why.
     Even Satan is controled by God and there is nothing Satan can do that first doesn't pass by the permission of God.
   Satan is only a lap dog. A very powerful and evil lap dog. But he is not more powerful than  God.
    Satan is not the sovereign one. Dispite what you think, he is not in control untimely. He is not the one who decides how it will end up.
     I am presently reading a book by Kay Arthur. It will be reviewed in another  blog site  as soon as I am done reading it. It is good and I would recommend it. It is about life's disappointments and how God is not surprised that there are disappointments.
    Yes, God created everything perfect. Yes, He allowed evil to come into the perfect world. Yes, He knows what you are experiencing.
     Yes, God is sovereign.
                                Here is a link to the book at Amazon  for those of you who want to purchase a copy.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Jesus , A Man Of History

 Once again I hear people coming up with that remark Jesus didn't exist. That he is someone made up to explain a belief system that has no validity.
   Well, Jesus is a man of history..
   There is just too much evidence for the historicity of Jesus-- more so than for the historicity of a person called Julius Ceaser.
    Even outside the four gospels we have the accounts of Polycarp, Eusebius, Ignatius, Justin and Origin.
    There were no that far removed from the time of Jesus.
    Tacitus, born A.D. 52-54, writing in the time of Nero refered to a person named Christus who was put to death by Pontius Pilate, a procurator of Judea in the reign of Tiberius.
     Josephus born A.D. 37 wrote "There was about this time Jesus, a wise man, if it is lawful to call him a man."
     I will not bore you with more. You get the idea.
    And it was this Jesus who claimed to be the Son of Man ( a reference to the Jewish Messiah)
    Just saying that Jesus is  a man of history
    .For reading on the subject try the book here.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

God's Goodness

I had the question posted in Twitter by someone from Utah. Is God Good? God's goodness is everlasting, the Bible says.
   He got you up this morning. He is good. He allowed you to see another day. God's goodness is everlasting. He has provided to those who recive Him Eternal  Life. A relationship with Him. God is good.
     He gives you feet to walk on. God is good.
    You can wear Nikes or Puma Shoes  when you take that walk. God is good.
    And if you should decide to do a Bible study today and you get your pens and paper from OfficeMax thank God for He is good. God's goodness is everywhere.  For my Bible study I prefer the English Standard Version. Very accurate and up to date. Try it for yourself.                                    


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Group Bible Study

       To properly know the Bible you must study it. The best thing you can do is join a small group bible study. 
     The purpose of a small group is to get to know others and get support. You will be closely knit.
     The version you use is not as important as the fact that it is God speaking to you. I hold that God has spoken. He has told us what He wants us to know. He has caused special selected people to write down what He has said and what He wants us go know. All we need to know to live a God pleasing life is found between the two covers.
     In group Bible Study the object is not so much interpretation as it is application.
     You no doubt have a sound Bible teaching Church you attend on Sunday.      
     This small group bible study  is for find out what does God want me to do.
      You will be asking who, what, when, where, why and how does it apply to my life.
      Along with that Bible you will need a notebook to jot down ideas and observations. The notebook you can get at places like OfficeMax. WHen hyou jot down the observcations make it personal.
      Once you get into the habit of noting what you find in your group bible study  you may start to notice a tgrend. Something will keep popping up. If this is so, pray about it.
    God hears prayers of his people. And He will answer.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Study To Show Yourself Approved

   God has said in the Bible, His word, that you are to study to show yourself approved. This means to really do more with your Bible than just read a daily portion and then walk away.
     No, you should look on the Bible as your instruction book.
    If you are a Christian you were put in a relationship with God in order to grow.
     That would mean that God has spoken and has told us how to live this life He has given us. I belive that the Bible is His word. He has spoken and throughout the years used certain men to write down what He has said.
      In order for us to see and remember what He has said and instrructed us we will need tools.
       A Bible is number one.  Get a good one. I suggest the NIV or the NASB or the ESV.
        You will also need a good notebook to put down what He has said to you. This would mean you will also have pens .
          You can get these at an Office Max. A pen and a blank book. It can be lined or unlined.
           Open your Bible and read and ask what is it saying? When was it said? Who is it speaking to? Is there anything there that tells me about God? About man? About Sin? Is there something there for me to know?
           If possible, form a Bible study group and study in pairs. This will help in Christian Growth. Open with prayer and study together. Share needs for each other and for yourself. There is power in prayer.
         This is what I do.
         I have a time in the morning in which I pick up the Bible and read three chapters from a Bible book. I also read a psalm of the day.
         I would pray before I start that God would help me to see somethinng today that He was saying to me.
         For example on the first day  I may read three chapters in the Gospel of John. And I would also read Psalm One.
          I would take my notebook and a pen. In my notebook I would put down what impressed me that day in my reading. I would add a scripture verse of the day that I had just read. I would note any thing that I could pray about that day.
          I would pray. Thanking Him for what I had observed today.
          Then I go out to faced the world. I am equiped.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI Steps Down

     Everyone has heard by now. Pope Benedict XVI Steps Down from his Pope-ship.
    After all,  the Pope is just a CEO of the company
    Of course if you are a member of the Catholic Church you expect the Pope to die in office and then have the Cardinals gather together and vote in another CEO or Pope
     That is the way it is according to the rule book.
      No, not the Bible.
      The Bible nowhere talks about the office of Pope.
      Sure, if you are a member of the Roman Cathoic Church and have sent your child to be taught at a Catholic School, you know the story of Jesus asking the disciples who do the people say I am.
     And they tell Him people say he is a prophet or Elijah or whatever.
    Jesus asks them who do you say I am?
    This is where Peter says, you are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.
      Jesus says, blessed are you,Simon Bar Jonah for neither flesh or blood has told you but my Father who is in heaven.
 .  Now this is the place the teachers of religion classes slip in that Jesus gave him,-- Peter,-- the keys that made him a Pope.
    Any person who studies the Bible, and they don't, knows that you have to interpret a passage by the context. The church that was to come is not in view in this passage. What we have is leadership . Peter would be the one in the early church that would open the door to the gentiles.
     Getting back to  the stepping down of Benedict from the Popeship. He is not going to be the first.. He joins three others in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.
      In 1045 Benedict IX sold the popeship to his godfather before resigning. In 1294  Celestine V was so overwhelmed by the job that after  five months he stepped down. In 1415 a Pope Gregory XII stepped down in order not to cause a schism in the church.
     So the present Pope in in a group of leaders who didn't die in office.
     He will be missed as are all leaders of some sort or another.

Monday, February 11, 2013

I Prefer the ESV

 Some people will ask me  , so Dane, what Bible should I read and do my study from? You push the study of the Bible.
   I have many versions as I read and compare. But I have found the English Standard Version to be a good mstgudy Bible.
   Yes, I prefer mthe ESV for my study times.
   It is easy to read. You don't get so hung up on the thees and thous of the ancient King James Bible. Not even the New King James is much better.
        If you like to have an acurate Bible I would like you to look at the New American Standard.
     But for study Bibles I prefer the ESV.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Sin Of Roger Mahony

     You have heard. You would have to not have been aware of the sin of Roger Mahony. What he did not only hurts Roman Catholics but True Christians.
      It was bad enough that he hid the pedophile life style of those he was placed in authority of, but he lied. He lied by not allowing the crime committed toward the young people to be known, but by saying he represented God's people.
      It was wrong to not report the priests who were molesting the children.  It is wrong to write about it and then bury the criminal under the umbilla of church protection.
     He is as guilty of the crime as those who did it.
     Be sure your sin will find you out. Also these things which are done in darkness will be brought to light.
     Now that it is known and his part in the crime is exposed, he should be stripped of his position and sent to do time in prison. He is not above the law.
     As I see it the problem with the Roman Catholic Church is that its' leaders think themselves above the law.
      Okay, maybe I shouldn't put the blame on the organization. It was Mahony  who did the crime.
      Think of the people whoes lives he ruined.
      You see, Roman Catholic mothers feel that their child is safe when they allow a priest-- a so called man of God-- to be alone with the child. Nothing can happen since the priest is so holy and would not ever think of doing anything to the child.
       Having been a Roman Catholic I can tell you that it just aint so. Having gone to Catholic schools and suffering under the educational system that allows the nuns and brothers to beat the child if there is a slight infraction,or even a bit of forgetfulness, -- as if the child belonged to the system and not the parents..I understand the underside.
       But Thank God that He and I met back in 1969 and He forgave me all my sins. It was the sins that kept me from heaven. Sin bears guilt. Guilt demands a punishment. That punishement being death or eternal separation from God.
       God wants a relationship. Sin keeps a person from that relationship.
       It is Christ not the Church that saves.
       It is that truth that makes the Roman Catholic Church not the true church but a cult.
      One of the signs of a cult is when they say they are the only true church.
      A relationship with God obtained by a relationship with Jesus who said " I am the way, the truth, and the life, No one comes to the Father by through me". that puts you on the road to heaven.
      I will let you think about that.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Good Listening

    It is now the New Year and I need to let you know you can hear good sermons. Since I am a member of Acts Church and an attender of Victory Christian Fellowship I will no doubt lean towards those two groups.
     All you need is a computer. A computer you can buy at almost any store now, it seems.  Try a place like officemax or ABT Electronics.
   Once you have the computer you need a on-line connection. Almost all computers have internet access.
    To hear the sermons from Acts you go here: Their web site is  If you in to itunes it is
   Now when it comes to Victory at the moment they are doing the Sermon On The Mount. That is the series for the New Year. For them it is: Their itune connection is http://itunes.applecom//us/podcast/victory-christian-fellowship/id458552062 .

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blessings Today

Today I want to think about blessings. We all have some.
   God got you up this morning. That is a blessing. There are a few who didn't get up this mornng but went on to their eternity. But you have been blessed with another day.
   Thank God for the blessing.
    You were able to stand up. That is a blessing.
    Thank God for the blessing.
      Even if you can't stand up but you can still breathe the air. that is a blessing.
      Thank God for the blessing.
      You are in your right mind. That is a blessing.
      Thank God for the blessing.
       You are able to do something to provide for your self. That is a blessing.
       You have bills. That is a blessing.
       You can understand words. That is a blessing.
       In other words, all that we do is a blessing. All that we have is a blessing.
        Blessing means favor. The Oxford Dictionary of Current English states for blessing 'something which you are very grateful for.
      Just what are you grateful for?
     I have allowed people to respond. Feel free to do so.
      Bless me by your comments.
     Or if you don't want to do that, you can get a notebook from a stationary store and write down what you are feeling grateful for and then pray back to God your blessings.
      God has blessed you and He knows about the blessings He has bestowed on you. But have your thanked Him? It will be good for you to do so. Just as a parent wants to know that his blessings are appreciated let me inform you that God also wants to know we appreciate His Blessings.
      So what can you do?
     1- Be thankful.
      2-Speak out your thankfulness.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

That Blessed Hope

   The Christan has that blessed Hope that one day soon. no matter what happens in the world, that Jesus is coming back and that when he does all will be set right.
     Another hope is that the body he is living in will be changed. No more sickness. No more aches and pains. No more nutritional problems. He will have a new body that will be patterned after that of His Lord Jesus Christ.
    Just think about that. There will be no need to take vitamins to keep the body in balance. No more exercising until the body says "Enough".
    But as for now we need the nutrients. We need to have a balance. We need to shop on line   for the best deals on vitamins at a good price.
     And we need to know what God is saying to us. That is why we spend time in morning devotions. We start out with a notebook and a good pen . We read a portion of the Bible. After all, this is what God has caused to be written and it is all He wants us to know. It is HIs communication with us. God has spoken and it is found in His Word.
   We communcicate back through prayer. It is a relationship we have.
    We record in the notebook what God is saying to us that day through that portion of Scripture.
     Man and woman is both physical and spiritual. For the health of our body we exercise and shop on line   for our supplements, those vitamins that our body needs.
      For our spiritual needs we have the Bible.