Monday, August 19, 2013

In The Image Of God

       When you see that phrase- 'The Image Of God' just what do your think? Are you thinking a mirror image? Are you think a facsimile Are you thinking an exact image? One down to every point  of the DNA?
       With all these philosophies floating around such as 'Law of Attraction',' Name It and Claim It', you need to ask yourself-- just exactly what was being said when the writer of Genesis said.. "in the image of God He created him."
         The best way to look at it is that God created man to share with, to walk with, to fellowship with. As any loving parent (and you have to realize I am using parent in the sense of creation)  part of the DNA was passed on.
         We share with God the ability to imagine. We also share the ability to create things. Not as God creates. God speaks something into existence and it is created. We can't speak something into existence. Therefore we are not given the authority or power to name and claim.a thing. Nor can our mere thought bring things into existence. Our thoughts may open us up to possibilities that we, by doing something, can attain an object, but no we can't think or dream something into existence. We create though seeing the way we can put two things together to make a new object or idea.
            God's image also allows us to procreate. His image also allows us to discover His laws of how things work.
             God's image does not include Lordship. We are not little gods nor was Adam And Eve created little gods. They were created to have fellowship with God not to arm wrestle Him to see who is sovereign.

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