Monday, October 28, 2013

Toxic Scheduling

       Back on the subject of use of time. Since I am a believer in time being only circulated once in that we can't relive our past. We have only the present to use.And if we are lucky, And God wills, we have a future. But what we do in the present determines that.
       So how is our scheduling of time? Do we plan to spend more time with God? Each day do we spend time studying our Bible? This is where we allow God to speak with us. Do we spend time in prayer? This is where we talk to God.
       I have posted earlier many methods of Bible Study. maybe you can go back and look them over
.     We shouldn't depend on the once a week in church service to be the only time we open the Bible and hear God speak. We must be self feeders. Even if it is only a few verses a day, say ten verses, we should be reading. This is spending time with the important person in your life.
        And you will want to bring something to write on so you can take notes. Record your observations. In fact, journals. are a good idea. Keep one of your daily readings and you will see progress.
        I do it and you can do it too.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Do They Have A Right To The Land?

  This is a continuation of yesterdays post. Today I would like to ask-- do the Jews have a right to the land that they are living in? And I would answer, yes. The even have the title deed.
        I am not talking only about the fact God gave it to them. That truth doesn't hold much weight to the present day groups' of people who are fighting them. No. What I am going to point out is that they have a title deed.
        It was granted to them a long time ago. Not as long as the Bible. More like 1917 and the Balfour Declaration written by  the British foreign secretary James Balfour declaring a  Jewish "National Home" in Palestine.
       In 1921 Winston Churchill stated, "It is manifestly right that the Jews who are scattered all over the world should have a natural centre and a natural home where some of them may be reunited. And where else could that be but in the land of Palestine, with which for more than 3000 years they have been intimately and profoundly associated."
       It was article 22 of the covenant of the League of Nations. that transferred the sovereignty of the land to the Jews. This was as a result of decision made by the Supreme Council of the Principal Allied Powers, The United States, The United Kingdom, France,Italy, and Japan  Jacques Gautier  stated, "These five nations...had the legal power of disposition. They're the key victorious nations and they had the legal title by way of peace treaties and they can turn around and give it to others. You can't give rights to others unless you have the right to give them territorial sovereignty.".
       Palestine defines a geographical area not a culture or people. Palestine is a word used by the Romans. Before the establishment of the State of Israel,  Jews were called Palestinians
      They were given, so to speak, a title deed. They have a right to be there. They are not thieves. They have not taken some else's land. Since it is their land they have aright to be treated properly as others who have been able to enjoy the rights they have been given. Since Jerusalem is under international law and the land was given to them under international law they belong there and have a right to exist.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Arab Spring

      Look at your headlines. You notice that there is a lot going on in the Arab world and in the Far East. Look at America and remember Sept 11. What is happening is no accident.
      Let me try to define what is being called Arab Spring. It is a period of time in which democracy is being tried in the Middle East, among the Arabs and Egyptians and so on. But it is becoming an Iranian Winter in that the Muslims want to take over what we call democracy and turn it into a  Jihad, a war agaisnt the area they call "House of War". Everyone but them are in "the House of War". The Muslims see themselves as the "House of Peace". Everyone else is "The House of War".
    They see their purpose to make the whole "House of War" into a "House of Peace". In other worlds, they want Europe, America, and even Israel to be Muslim.
     Iran is watching the democratic attempt going on or the Arab Spring. They want to move in and set up an Islamic leader who will lead a battle to make the world Muslim.
     They have Israel in their sights. They wish to set up the kingdom in the Holy City and rule from there.
     A commentator has said "Indeed, the  Arab Spring doesn't lead to democracy, it leads to Jerusalem"
     I would like to recommend a book if you wish to know more. Read it and be aware of what is going on.