Friday, May 18, 2012

There are blessings in forgiveness

  To continue on the subject of forgiveness. You can forgive a person and still not forget what he has done. It will take time for that person to work back in your trust. That is normal. But the main blessing in forgiveness is that it frees you up. You no longer have to carry that heavy burden. You can wave that flag and go on with your life.
   Let the offending party go. God will handle him.
   If you want a good series on forgiveness and the blessing in forgiveness you can no doubt listen to the pod casts of that time period when Pastor Joe allowed his sermon series to be recorded and mad einto a pod caast. For the podcasts you just go over to It is there.
   Also a good series around mothers day about Ruth and Naomi. A whole different way of looking at it.

   A great lesson on mentorship and direction.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Obama and the Recovery

    Are we in a recovery? Has Obama done what he promised? I think he promised to get us jobs and  bring us out of what he said was the worst economy since the great depression. And how would he know? He wasn't alive during the 1930's. And he really hasn't brought us a recovery from the 2008 recession. Not really.
    The Obama recovery plan has  produced an average GDP growth of 2.4 percent since the reported recession ended.
    Let us look at the third quarter of 2011. The U.S. economy grew at 2.5 percent.That gives us  nearly a trillion dollars lost to the GDP. It has cost us 10.5 million jobs (So much for putting America back to work to help a  failing economy.) More than 14 million people are unemployed. There are seven people who need a job for each job opening.
    So Obama wants to redistribute the wealth. He will redistribute it not to the middle class nor to the lower class but into the pockets of the financal elite.
     And he has told you what he wants to do.
     He has said "The one thing that we absolutely know for sure is that if we don't work even harder than we did in 2008, then we are going to have a government that tells the Amerrican people, "you are on your own. ...If you get sick, you are on your own. If you can't afford college, you're on your own. If you don't like that some corporation is pollutting your air or the air that your child breathes, than you're on your own" that's not the America I believe in. It's not the America you believe in."
    Sounds me me like entitlement. Since when do we have a right to attend College? Since when do we have the right to be waited on as a child, handed everything because we are not capable of earning our own.? When did we come to think that job creation came about by redistributing income?
    That is what the Obama people are trying to tell you.
    Marxist and communistic economies never transfer weath to the poor and middle classes. They tend to transfer it to government officials and their cronies. That is what seems to be happening at the moment under the Obama economy plan. If the economy of the U.S. can be weaken to the point of us being just another player in the new world order controled by the political/ financial elite than it seems Obabma will have been successful at reaching his goal. He will have his grievance against the "imperilist" America completed. He will have increased the financal debt, he will have the unchecked spending, the weaking of the dollar, the class warfare. We have seen it in the Occupy groups that are popping up.
    $4 trillion dollars was added to our national debt by Obama during the first three years of his administration.. Does that sound to you like he is helping our economy by creating jobs and bringing down the debt? He has promised to create three million American jobs. Where are they? And don't say he needs another four years to complete his plan.
    So to answer the question I started thius blog with, has Obama done what he promised? My answer is yes. But his promise to who??

Obama and 2012

 I am not sure that this blog is the correct place to post this, but since I fellowship with a group of black Christians I feel that this is the place where I can put this.
  Obama is up for reelection this year. In lock step, it seems, the blacks have voted for Obama for no other reason  other than he is black.
   True, he is black. He is also not the one we should re-elect as President. His actions over the past years have not been good for America and its' freedom. He has  now made it his right as President to indefinitely detain any US citizen on the grounds that he or she could be a "terrorist". Yes, on the evening of December 31, 2011 he signed a bill that gave him the power as President of the United States to do so.( Michael Savage, Trickle Down Tyranny,) He has deprived U.S. citizens of the freedom for which our men in uniform are fighting.
   And his actions in the past should show us what he feels about America. Have you heard about the utter contempt for America he and his wife, Michelle showed toward the 9/11 observance at the World Trade Center?  I am not sure what year. But it was while the American Flag was being folded in the traditional manner that Michelle leaned over and said to her husband, the President of the United States, "All this over a flag?" to which Obama grinned and nodded his head in agreement.(Ibid)
   I won't say he leans toward the Marxist mind set. But I would expect more respect for the nation served.
   Is Romney any better? I don't know. But can he be worse? I don't know that either.
    Judge a man by his actions, is all I am saying.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Obama is wrong

          The other day our dear President Obama, I don't know if he meant it this way, came out for the gay life style and gave the blessing on it. He said that .  I don't know for sure which translation if any he was quoting from, stated that the golden rule which to him came down to treat others as the saame way you want to be treated. He has it somewhat right. But that doesn't have anything to do with a sexual choice a person has made and for sure it has nothing to do with the marriage contract beteween a man and a woman.. a male and a female
        I wonder now, just what would he be thinking if one of his daughters decided that they didn't want to be the female God created them to be and instead decided thay were going to be a , what??.
        Would he say, "That's okay, honey. Just be yourself whatever that may be?"
       I wonder how he(Obama) defines terms and on what authority he depends.
       I myself define terms not by what the world says but by what God in the Bible says. I may not understand completely what is being meant, but since God is the creator I would think He knows more than I do what He meant. And I am not talking now about Obama.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Naomi the Mentor

  We all need a mentor. We all need someone who can take us under their wing, so to speak, and show us how it is done.
   In the Bible we have a woman like that. Her story is found in the book of Ruth. Only four chapters. This womans' name is Naomi.
   She was a Jew. She was also a mother. She had two sons. Their mames were Mahlon and Chilion. Not much is said about them. They no doubt wouldn't be mentioned if it wasn't for the fact of them being the husbands of two Moabite women.  The womens' name were Orpah and Ruth.
   It starts out a sad story. There was a famine in the land where Naomi and her husband, Elimelech along with her two osns lived. They were hungray so Elimelech decides to take his family into Moab where there was food. While there Elimelich dies. The two sons marry the Moabite women. They die. Naomi is left with these two Moabite women. Ten years have poassed. Ruth and Orphah have observed during these years how Naoiomi lived after the death of her husband. And how she cared for them even thoughh they were not of the Jewsih faith. The Moanbites were the offfspring of Lot, so they were related by blood but were not in the promised line that God had set up. They were not Jews.
  As ther story goesd on there is the reprot of better times back in the land of the Jews. Naomi had no reaon to stay in Moab. She wants to get back to her home land. But since she had no sons anymore nor a husband to take care of her she was without hope.Her only chance was back ion the land. Maybe she could find .. what?? The only way she could live on is to have a husband or sons to care for her. She had none of these. She was too old to get married and have sons.
   Sbe only had these two women and they were young enough to find husbands if they returned to the land of Maob. They were aliens.
   Naomi tells them to go back home and find a husband. They were young enough and no dount pretty enough to find a husband among the people of Moab.
    Orpah went back. But Ruth had seen something in Naomi that made her choose to follow Naomi.
     So Ruth went home with Naomi.
    The rest of the story is that God blessed Ruth by directing her to the field of a kinsman Redeemer. Naomi was too old to work but Ruth took on the responsibility of the care of her mother-in-law. Rutn no doubt saw something in the example of Naomi that made her want to do this.