Monday, May 14, 2012

Obama is wrong

          The other day our dear President Obama, I don't know if he meant it this way, came out for the gay life style and gave the blessing on it. He said that .  I don't know for sure which translation if any he was quoting from, stated that the golden rule which to him came down to treat others as the saame way you want to be treated. He has it somewhat right. But that doesn't have anything to do with a sexual choice a person has made and for sure it has nothing to do with the marriage contract beteween a man and a woman.. a male and a female
        I wonder now, just what would he be thinking if one of his daughters decided that they didn't want to be the female God created them to be and instead decided thay were going to be a , what??.
        Would he say, "That's okay, honey. Just be yourself whatever that may be?"
       I wonder how he(Obama) defines terms and on what authority he depends.
       I myself define terms not by what the world says but by what God in the Bible says. I may not understand completely what is being meant, but since God is the creator I would think He knows more than I do what He meant. And I am not talking now about Obama.

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