Monday, November 20, 2017

Warning: Undedrstand What You Are Singing

Yesterday in Church Service I heard a song--it has been out for a while, but this is the first time I heard it. "Speak Into The Atmosphere." If you were to look up the lyrics it  would be under "speak" It is written by Myron Butler.
It must be well known in the black community, The words seem to be more on the line of the Law Of Attraction. "Speak and it will be yours. Walk about your house and speak... I shall have what I decree. Yes, I believe. It belongs to me."
And so on.
 The first question to ask is where in the Bible is the verse? There is none. But ,yes, speak into the atmosphere (Where demons are and the prince of the power of the air and you may have what you desire.
  Speak into the atmosphere is not prayer. This is what I hold to.
" I believe. I shall have what I decree." That sounds like the ability to create out of--what? The atmosphere? God has not given His people that ability.  Only God can create that way.
 Yes, He has given to man the ability to create using substances in existence. But He has never given to man the ability to create as He creates. It is  a part of the image we don't have.
  This song is dangerous and when found in a Bible believing church should be carefully explained and then never heard again.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Trump And America

  So let me change the subject for this post. I will get back to Bible study later. At the moment I feel this urge to look at President Trump and his term.
  I realize there are many who don't still know that Trump not Clinton is our President. I read posting where people are calling Trump our suppose President.
  This view is not right. Like it or not Trump is in the White House and will be for a while.
   Let me try to explain what Make America Great is all about. As I see it, it is making America a place where a person is proud to be a citizen. A place where you want to be a citizen. A place where if you are an immigrant you want to become a citizen.
   A place where you no longer have to live off the dole of the government but a place where you can get up each morning and go to a job.
   In order for this to work we have to get our industries and jobs back on American soil and not outsourced.
   We don't have to help other nations prosper. Japan and China and South Korea, to name a few places, no longer need our help to prosper. That was a thought we had after the war. We needed to help rebuild China, Japan and so on. We no longer have that need. We should bring our jobs back to our land and create jobs for Americans. For example, technology. We have the expertise here and the people here who can do the needed jobs. We shouldn't have to ship our  raw material overseas to turn around and buy it back. Fort example, we need less products made in China and more American made on our soil. It will mean more jobs for Americans -- jobs that we have sent overseas. Put Americans back to work in American plants.
    Get people who will not work off SSI and other programs. Are you aware where that money comes from.?
   From the working people. That is where the money comes from. From Jobs that we have. The services we provide.
  America can't be great if people who are fit are not working.  And that is working at jobs that the rich have made possible. There can be no jobs if there are not rich people who have paid out the seed money to start the  businesses which will need to hire employees.
  Let us face it.. there is no job that is worthless. Every job is needed from the street cleaner to the executive.
   American can be great again. We can be proud to call ourselves Americans.
   We can do it with God's help.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Chapter Study

   It would seem that you as a group are camping on the subject of Bible Study and the ABCD method. I would like to suggest an easier one for you to do. It doesn't require any other book except the Bible and a paper to jot down what you are learning.
   It is known as the chapter method. I would suggest you start this one with a shorter chapter  such as I Corinthians 13.
    Start out by reading it five times. Maybe one of the times you read it aloud to yourself. Notice the flow. Notice the main word or subject covered.
   After reading it through at least that many times, preferably in a Bile you have not made notes in yet , give the chapter a name. Then next paraphrase it. Note down the key word (in this case, love). Ask yourself how you can apply it. The purpose of Bible study is application not so much interpretation.
    Using a study Bible find the other places this topic is referred to.
    Find a verse to memorize in the passage read. This is very important as God the Holy Spirit will use it in your life. "Thy Word I have hid in my heart that I may not sin against God. Psalm 119:6" Always remember to include the address of the verse.
     Inform me how you are doing.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Promised One


   Okay. Hold on to your hats. Here comes a big one in the doctrine world.
    I have posted some on this in previous logs. But I would like to dig deeper into this one.
   God became flesh. There was no other way to communicate so that we would understand.
    In the past He sent prophets. He sent people He worked with, through imperfect as they were. Few listened. He did everything to get man's attention.
    So, as you remember we talking about it, according to the plan He made in eternity past, before the world and time began, God Himself took on flesh. He was born in Bethlehem in an animal's feeding place. He grew up as part of a family. He learned about life the same way we do. He worked in a carpenter's work space. He was baptized by John  in the Jordan. He had a following of twelve men whom He choose. He went around teaching and doing miracles. He did things the prophets had said the coming savior was to do. He was nailed to a tree as a common criminal although He had done nothing wrong ( it also was something the prophets said the coming savior of the world would have to suffer) and he died and was placed in a tomb. But the story goes on to say He rose out of the grave three days later. And He ascended to heaven in a human body.
     Also He is coming back again.
     Yes, God became flesh. And Jesus was His name. He is 100% God and 100% humanity. Not mixed. Not blended. Separate. At the same time the two were united. He didn't get the spiritual at His baptism as some so called Christian groups ( I shudder to use that word for them--Christian, because they aren't) teach. Not did the divine leave at the cross.
     He was sinless. No one else is or has ever been.
     So far, guys, I notice I have had a few people reading these postings. But I am still waiting for feedback. And when you give feed back, please let me know how I can respond back so we have a
conversation not a monolog .
      On the other hand, maybe I am not connecting with any of you out there. If so, let me know that also.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Lamb of God

No longer was man in the garden. It was no longer easy for him to approach God. God did give them a way. Through sacrifice. Through a lamb. God even decided to work through a nation.
 In the garden he was working through Adam and Eve. They sinned. They were  the start of God's working in the world. But He had a bigger plan in mind.
 So he chose Abraham and made from him a nation. The journey now lead through many centuries and many lands. But Abraham was promised some day a land, a people and a redeemer.
 Remember--Abraham was near 100 when he had a son. From this son would come the Jews, a nation of God's choosing, A nation that was to bring about a redeemer.
  I realize I am making this simple. I want you to grasp what I am saying. Since these postings are covering the subject of doctrine, I wish to make it so the little child can grasp it.
  The people called Hebrews were charged to bring  God to the heathens around them. They were also to stay pure. Not marry other nation's women or do what the nations around them were doing. No idol worship. No making of idols, no false tales. No lying-- Bearing false witness.  They were given the ten commandments as guidelines. They broke them all.
   God provided priests and prophets to guide them. Few listened.
    God sent them into captivity so they would perhaps learn to listen to Him.
    Finally, as per the discussion They (The Godhead) had in eternity past, God Himself entered into humanity. He became a baby. He felt every thing as a man. He bleed when cut. He cried. He felt pain. He felt sorrow. He felt disgust  He was fully human. While at the same time He remained God. This is a mystery. It was just done.
  This does not mean we humans are little gods. We aren't. We have within our bodies a broken sinful nature. God, who was given the human name, Jesus, did not have sin. By not having the seed of an earthly father, a male who carried the sin seed, He alone was born sinless. His human mother, Mary, had the seed of sin in her. But sin was not transferred to Jesus.
    He lived thirty years here on the human plan fully man, fully God-- as I said above. Then He was killed on a cross. Buried in a tomb. On the third day after he was put in the tomb, He came out.
     In a body He rose back to heaven. He will come back again some day soon.
     Man can now approach God because of what God has done not what man does.
     I know this is a lot to take in. Read it a few times. If  you have any question, post them in the comment section. I will be happy to help you.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

All is not Lost-2

Man is now outside the garden. It is a struggle for him now to make a living. the weather has changed. It is n longer sunny every day. The ground no longer produces as much to eat as it used to. Adam and his wife argue now. They didn't use to. God is silent, it seems. They miss the daily walks with God.
 But they are still alive and if they seek God through sacrifice and prayer, they can still connect.
  I will let you in on another secret. God was not surprised when man listened to the serpent in the garden. Man at that time was innocent. He had no reason to know good and evil. God from the moment of the creation of man was his go-to man. Any question, any need, was supplied. God was     their mediator. They had it good.
  And along comes the serpent. Not just any serpent but a serpent in which the fallen angel Satan, aka, Lucifer, entered. Lucifer was trying to get God to reject His creation, man, as God had rejected him. Satan had done his homework. He had noticed that God had created a male and a female. He also noticed that it was to the man God spoke more often . He noticed that Adam would spend time transmitting the information to Eve.
   This day Adam and Eve were walking through the garden. Adam tended the garden. Eve would work along side him.  They were inspecting the trees.
    And then they came upon the one tree in the garden God had told them not to eat of the fruit from.
    Eve was ahead of Adam as they came to the tree. It was now that Satan spoke through the serpent. "Has God really said to you that you that you can eat of any tree in the garden?"
    Eve though through what she has been told God said. "Yes. Except for the fruit of this tree. And we are not even to touch it."
    Satan came back. "He is holding out on you. He knows the day you do you will know Good and Evil and become like God."
      Eve thought. Adam has not yet told her anything about that subject. Maybe the serpent was correct. So she took the fruit and ate.
     All at once her appearance changed. Adam, who was there with her, noticed this. And he knew want has happened. He could see himself losing her. So he took of the fruit and ate. His appearance changed also.
     The serpent laughed to himself. And he clapped his hands (Serpents had hands or feet at this time) I have done it, I have won.
     Then they heard God walking in the garden. All at once Adam and Eve hide.
     God found them and instructed them how to get back in fellowship with Him. And to the serpent, He took way the feet and had him crawl on the ground, slithering.
      I told you earlier about the plan the Trinity had to restore fellowship. You can go back in the earlier posts and read about it.
      Man was sent out of the garden to now work and sweat more when they did so.
      We are told the woman was deceived and the blame for the fall falls on the man.
       God also told the first humans that a Redeemer was going to be coming who would crush the serpent's head. In other words, man could be restored. Angels could not be.  Crushing the head would stop the power and control.
        Man now needed someone who could stand between him and God when it came to approaching Him. God set up the sacrifice system and the priest.  But this was to be temporary. He Himself would have to come to earth , be born, live among us, be crucified as an innocent sinless creature, rise the third day, ascend back into heaven to become a link between God and man.
           But that is another post down the line.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

God's Supreme Creation

In The Book It Is Written
  Adam and Eve have now been thrown out of the garden because of disobedience. This disobedience we know theologically as sin. They lost the daily communication with God. Now they had to work the soil more intently before the ground would give produce. The animals over which they had control now would turn against them. People, other people, would distrust them. Maybe even war against them. Murder entered the world. Lying. cheating, adultery. Homosexuality. Transgenderism. Selfishness. And so much more.
  But God had a plan. He was going to redeem man. Not because man was lovable. Not because man was good under the skin. No, the Bible says that there is none righteous, all righteousness that man is capable of doing is as rags that a woman uses to stop the flow during a period.. Would you like someone to offer you rags like that?
   No, God wanted to redeem man because man still had the image of God and God loves that image.
   So God gave Adam the command to do a sacrifice-- to kill an innocent lamb and offer that lamb as a sacrifice to Him in order to be allowed back on worship ground with Him. But this had to be done every time man sinned. Over and over. God even choose priests to do this for the people as a representative.
        But God did not want a human sacrifice as seen in the other nation's attempt to approach their idea of god. God set apart a nation for Himself. The people known as the Jewish race. But they also walked away from God.
   God even gave standards they could use to show them their need of righteousness. God gave them to Moses who gave them to the people. No one was able to keep them. I'll let you in on a secret. God didn't expect them to be able to do so. He just want to show that there was none righteous, no not one.  God's plan from before time began, when God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit
decided together that God Himself was to become a man and die on the cross and rise again three days later and carry the blood of the sacrifice into heaven to present to God a completed act. 
I better say so long for now and I'll post more later.