Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It Is Called Ability Giving

       Last Sunday Pastor Joe of ACTS Church gave as his sermon a sermon on ability giving. This is not the same as the Tithe or Law giving. It is giving according to your ability to give. There is noi set level of giving attached to this. Just what you are able to give.
       Most of us think of giving as financi
al so ability giving is giving a portion of what youi are able to make this past week.
       If you are a writer than a portion of your check that you receive.. that portion that is a sacrifice for you. For giving for a Christian seems to be the equivalent of the lamb or dove offered to God in the days of old by the people of Israel.
       Or if you are able to sell a product this past week and have recedived the payment. A portion of that. According to your ability. It is called ability giving.
       The example of the widows mite in the days of Jesus is an ability offering. She gave of her ability. The rich people gave off the top and probably never missed what they gave. But the widow gave more  than off the top..
       Or if you do internet marketing and you get money from this type of business, give according to your ability.
        Remember, it is called ability giving.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

How It Is Going

      In my last post I was mentioning spending time in God's word every day. It is a method I call the ten verse a day method.. I wish to report I have since the last post been doing the method to see how it worked.
      You choose a book of the Bible to read just ten verses a day. I started in Genesis. In  fact I am still there. I read the ten ]verses. "In The Beginning God created..." and I notice what is being said. I jot down observations.
       Interesting. God created by speaking into existence things He went  day by day. He finished each day that days' work.. He seems to be building up to a climax. As I read I see that climax as being man.
       And so on.
       You can do it also. It is not a hard method. It can get slow. I wouldn't require it as a first method to use in your study of the Bible. I think it should be a method used after you have a good grasp of what the whole Bible says.
       Let God impress on you what is there. This is recorded in your journal. Always keep a pen and paper handy as you do this method so you know where you are.
       Let me know how you are doing.