Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Look At The Assembly Called City Of God

 The other week I got a post card in my mail announcing a new church group was meeting at a near by school. They were attempting to get a following in the Santa Monica, CA area.
   I , being a analytical person, did some research.
   I found that they are a charismatic group. Anyone can call themselves charasmatic. That just means spirit lead. A charismatic group tends to be a bit free in form.
   A look at their doctrine of faith seemed to be in order. They do hold to the Trinity. They have separate statements for each person of the Godhead. They have a statement of hell and eternal life. A statement also covers salvation. There is one on the atonement.
   Okay. They look sound.
    The name they choose is one that won't pull many seekers. It brings to mind the book by Saint Augustine by the same name.
    They have a web site ( no one can survive in this internet age without one) but it doesn't say much. There is no place to get a statement of faith or information. There is a contact us link, but that is all.
    I would say, as I would any group, be careful and wise if you follow this movement. Their slogan is "disciples on a mission." You  would think they wouldn't want to hide their belief . You would think they would want to proclaim what they are and not have a person dig.
     In the later days men will be lovers of self
     Seeking out people to tickle their ears.
    This has been a look at the Assembly called City Of God.
     Reviewed 26 March 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Prayer Is the Answer

  It is not easy being a Christian. No one said it was or would be. Yet somehow you wish it were.
   Well, so do I.
    I could envision a time with no problems, worries, or trouble.
    But that is not now. At the moment we can talk to God about our needs and problems and let Him work it out. We do this by faith.
    That is what prayer is. talking to God. At times it may seem like talking to yourself. It could even start to feel that way.
     Yet prayer is an intimate talk with an invisible but all powerful Deity. He has said in His Word, the Bible, that He cares for us. It is said, rather, He records that He will hear and answer. Hebrews 11:6 states that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.
      We seek Him in prayer.
      Often we have needs that seem too difficult. Nothing is impossible with God, He has recorded.
    When it comes to financial needs, we should remind God that He has recorded in the Psalms that He Himself is the owner of the cattle on the hills. That must be an Eastern way of saying He owns it all and has no lack.
      It is He, He has recorded, who makes rich. Maybe you don't want to be rich but merely able tro pay your bills and have some to undergird His kingdom purpose financially.
    That is my wish. That is what I am asking at the moment.
    By faith I have to believe that prayer is the answer. God wants to hear from me. I have to believe He wants to provide.
    When I pray I ask directly for what I need. I don't go through the vain repetition that the Catholic  prayer books dictate. God must be sick of the rosary and the prescribed, pre-wrote so called blessed words written in the missal that each Catholic carries around lest he forget the formula that is said to move God..
     No, God likes it when His people talk to him and not read off a list of words.
     God allows needs so that we will ask and so He can provide.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Prayer Is A Talk Wth God.

   For those of us who are Christians there is the privilege of talking with God. Note I did not say to but With.
    God wants to have a conversation with us and I believe wants to provide for us. The Bible says he will meet our needs, The Bible says He will give us our daily bread when we ask for it.
     Relationship means provision. He doesn't want a one sided relationship. A relationship that is all one sided is not a relationship. He wants us to talk with Him. This is by prayer.
    The heathen talk to God giving Him orders. A Chrsitain talks with God as a child would talk wo his eloders. We are never to get overly sloppy with God. He does not look for that type of a relationship.
    The Bible says that Jesus, God in the flesh, referred to us as friends. We are privileged to be friends of Jesus and Jesus as our friend wants to give us what we need. But as Father we knew to respect Him. 
   Suggestions? Thank Him for giving you another day. Tell Him about your day. request His provision for the day. Thank Him for your friends. Thank Him for your mate if you are married.You get the idea
   Prayer is a talk with God. Use it.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Get Your Ex Back

  It happened. You watched as your ex walked away from the relationship.
    If you are a Christian you are sure it was not meant to be this way. After all, God loves marriage. He could have kept you together.
   Don't blame God for your human failure. A marriage is supposed to be a partnership. You, God, and your spouse. But sometimes we allow other things beside God to be the center of the marriage and soon, it is over. She leaves. Or he leaves.
    You tried everything. You prayed together. You attended services at your local church together. You...  Did all you humanly could.
    But whatever happened, it happened and she or he has now become your ex.
    You want them back. Let me suggest a little program. This uses prayer, not as a means to  over power the other with how spiritual you are. But this may work.
    Get this program and you have 2 months to use it risk free. If you don't like it you return it and get your refund.
    It is a small digital book of prayers that may work for you. I can't speak for God but I can say that prayer works. Follow the program for two weeks.
    It is only $29.95. A mere dinner out at a low cost restaurant. But it is worth oh so much to get your ex-back.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Look At Thinking Affecting The Subconscius

  I realize there is a movement out there that says whatever we dwell upon with emotion and imagination can be given to us. That our thoughts send out vibrations  that will correspond to vibrations in the universe. These vibrations will manifest themselves in reality and become that which we think. That we are creators.
   It is all metaphysical. But even if it is beyond physics does that mean it may be untrue?
   There is another realm outside what we can see, touch, taste, smell and hear. There is a realm that the spirits dwell in. From time to time they may intersect and cross over.
    Yet to say that we, mere humans, can do anything to create reality from thoughts.. that takes a little discussion.
     Yes, we can make ourselves glad and sad by our thoughts. The Good Book says, as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Our thoughts do affect our moods. We also have imaginations. People who are great achievers have something within themselves that we all have which helps them see what they want and seem to push them to attain what they seek.  But is that the mind mainfesting wha tthey want? As claimed by the practitioners of the practice.
    We do have a subconscious that we are not aware is at work in us. It is an area that has our basic belief and conclusions about life. If we believe we can do something we should be able to. Those who believe they can or can not do something are right. It is all the work of our subconscious.
    Let me know what you think about that and let us start a conversation.
    I will look forward to seeing your comments.