Thursday, March 6, 2014

Get Your Ex Back

  It happened. You watched as your ex walked away from the relationship.
    If you are a Christian you are sure it was not meant to be this way. After all, God loves marriage. He could have kept you together.
   Don't blame God for your human failure. A marriage is supposed to be a partnership. You, God, and your spouse. But sometimes we allow other things beside God to be the center of the marriage and soon, it is over. She leaves. Or he leaves.
    You tried everything. You prayed together. You attended services at your local church together. You...  Did all you humanly could.
    But whatever happened, it happened and she or he has now become your ex.
    You want them back. Let me suggest a little program. This uses prayer, not as a means to  over power the other with how spiritual you are. But this may work.
    Get this program and you have 2 months to use it risk free. If you don't like it you return it and get your refund.
    It is a small digital book of prayers that may work for you. I can't speak for God but I can say that prayer works. Follow the program for two weeks.
    It is only $29.95. A mere dinner out at a low cost restaurant. But it is worth oh so much to get your ex-back.

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