Sunday, March 16, 2014

Prayer Is A Talk Wth God.

   For those of us who are Christians there is the privilege of talking with God. Note I did not say to but With.
    God wants to have a conversation with us and I believe wants to provide for us. The Bible says he will meet our needs, The Bible says He will give us our daily bread when we ask for it.
     Relationship means provision. He doesn't want a one sided relationship. A relationship that is all one sided is not a relationship. He wants us to talk with Him. This is by prayer.
    The heathen talk to God giving Him orders. A Chrsitain talks with God as a child would talk wo his eloders. We are never to get overly sloppy with God. He does not look for that type of a relationship.
    The Bible says that Jesus, God in the flesh, referred to us as friends. We are privileged to be friends of Jesus and Jesus as our friend wants to give us what we need. But as Father we knew to respect Him. 
   Suggestions? Thank Him for giving you another day. Tell Him about your day. request His provision for the day. Thank Him for your friends. Thank Him for your mate if you are married.You get the idea
   Prayer is a talk with God. Use it.

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