Thursday, July 24, 2014

Faith Is The Answer To So Many Things

 Let us look at faith.
  Faith is the answer to so many things. Yet so few of us know what faith is.
  It can't be touched. You can see the results, but it is not something you can putt in a testtube and mesaure.
    Yet again we have in the eleventh chapter of the epistle to the Hebrews a number of names of people faith worked for. But it was a daily day by day walk without any tangible object to touch, taste or smell.
    In Hebrews 11:1 we are told that faith is a substance of hope that shows evidence . But what kind of evidence? We can't see it now. We will see it later. At least those of us who are in a proper relationship with God.
    Our examples of faith are listed. Abel who lost his life because he did right. Noah who saw no rain but still built the boat. Abraham who left his family and went out to a land that he never really did get. Abraham who also had a child in his old age who hung on because God said a child was coming. (Abraham who fathered an offsring that wasn't the one God was going to bless him and the world through. A child that would father the nation of Arabs) Abraham who was willing to sacrafice his only claim to fame because God told him to, but was stopped and received the child back. Moses who lead the people out of Egypt.
    So many more. They are all there in the book. Our examples. Not perfect but still what I would call masrters of faith.
   And it was learned.
   The key. There is always a key. The key to faith is found in verse six. The rewards of faith come about because of God's existence. God delights in rewarding those who believe in Him and His power. His ability. His existence.
    The question to ask is do we have our reward now? When  we pray and ask in faith, do we have a tangable reward now? If we ask for finances do we get finances now?
    That is the question. And the answer is..I really don't know. Yes, we believe the heaven is a place of no needs. No reason to have a form of barter. But as for this moment on earth, I really don't know the answer to the  need.
     This is a puzzlement.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Let Us Discuss Prayer

    So now let me look at the one right we have. I call it the believer's privilege. That is the one weapon beside the Bible that we have. It is prayer.
    Prayer has a power, so I have been told. Things can happen because a Christian prays.
    Let me define Christian. A Christian is a person who has a relationship with God because he has acknowledged he is a sinner and that Jesus died and rose again for him. Confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, and you shall have a relationship with Him.
    And you are given a weapon called prayer. Not only a weapon but a way to talk to God. Just as a child talks to his father, so we talk to God by prayer. And if we pray right we shall receive what we request.
    It seem most of the time.  The request must be in accordance with what God sees is best for you to  have at that point in your life.
    I am also coming to undertand we must be on praying ground. As I see it praying ground is not having sin blocking the passge way. That is why we confess our sins to cler out the passage way.
   And the passage way has been set up by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So we all have praying ground. God himself has provided the ground.
   God sees us sinless. So the ground is always open on His end.
    When  can I pray? Always. The ground is open. If you have confessed all the sin you know of, you have the assurance that the way os lear. God sees it clear at all times. The blockage is on
our side if there is blockage.
     Please feel free to leave your comments.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bible Study Methods Win Out

  I was looking back at my statistics and find that bible study method posts seem to be the ones people are looking at mostly. Readers of this blog don't seem to be so interested in discussions of theological issues.
  I would thus determine the readers of this blog want more help in the study of the Bible for themselves. They may be tired of having some other person tell them what they should believe or what the Bible says.
   And that is the reason for studying the Bible for yourself using a Bible, a notebook, a pen and common aids that are provided. Aids such as a Bible dictionary to find out some background on the area or concept you are looking at.
   And you are asking questions as you are reading. Questions such as: who is speaking? Where is this taking place? Who are the hearers? Is this addressed to me or others? What is it saying to me in a way I can apply it to my life?
     You are jotting these answers down in your notebook. Not all questions have to be answered. These will provide you with areas to pray about..To pray for more understanding. To pray for application. You should aim to do what you determine the book is telling you. After all, it is my view, that God is speaking. He has written all He wants us to know in the Bible. He expects us to study it and apply it.
    No doubt you are studying  in a group so you can discuss what you are finding . You can't hope to grow if you absent yourself from the congregation. Find a good Bible teaching church that expects you to be accountable to one another.