Friday, July 11, 2014

Bible Study Methods Win Out

  I was looking back at my statistics and find that bible study method posts seem to be the ones people are looking at mostly. Readers of this blog don't seem to be so interested in discussions of theological issues.
  I would thus determine the readers of this blog want more help in the study of the Bible for themselves. They may be tired of having some other person tell them what they should believe or what the Bible says.
   And that is the reason for studying the Bible for yourself using a Bible, a notebook, a pen and common aids that are provided. Aids such as a Bible dictionary to find out some background on the area or concept you are looking at.
   And you are asking questions as you are reading. Questions such as: who is speaking? Where is this taking place? Who are the hearers? Is this addressed to me or others? What is it saying to me in a way I can apply it to my life?
     You are jotting these answers down in your notebook. Not all questions have to be answered. These will provide you with areas to pray about..To pray for more understanding. To pray for application. You should aim to do what you determine the book is telling you. After all, it is my view, that God is speaking. He has written all He wants us to know in the Bible. He expects us to study it and apply it.
    No doubt you are studying  in a group so you can discuss what you are finding . You can't hope to grow if you absent yourself from the congregation. Find a good Bible teaching church that expects you to be accountable to one another.

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