Saturday, June 21, 2014

World Views

     Let's face it. We all respond to life and things that are going on according to the world view we hold.
     So what is a world view?
     It is the grid through which we see and interpret things.
     If we have a world view that we are only pawns and things happen around us that we can change and make things better. Well, that is one grid.
     Another grid is that we are a special creation made by God and have meaning. At one time we had fellowship-- a relationship with God, but lost it. But we still have worth. So much worth that God provided a way we can get back in relationship with Him. This way points back to a cross and an empty tomb.
     The world is not improving. The world, also a creation of God, is also cursed to a cycle of destruction.
    But this is not the final home of mankind. We are created to live forever. One world view would say that we are gods and can improve ourselves. The other says, no, we are not gods but creatures who were created to have eternal fellowship with out creator. This world we are in now is but a waiting station to the next.
   If you have read C.S.Lewis's The Great Divorce, it is the same idea.
   Just thought I would share this thought in this blog. Have a great day.

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