Wednesday, July 19, 2017

All Is Not Lost

   Now the great rescue is put in place. Man has sinned. that is, sin is disobedience to God's command. Adam and Eve had been told not to eat of that tree. And they had.
   And the outcome was death or separation from God. No longer could they have fellowship with Him. God is too holy and pure. Man lost his innocence. He was not to have learned evil that way.
   That did not mean he lost the image. That got bent and distorted. From now on when ever he was to try to conceive of God he would sense something greater and wish to make contact, but he would be unable to. So he would make images of what he conceived this god in his image to be.
    God wanted to restore to man what he had in the garden. In fact God--, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,  had the solution already prepared, They had discussed this among themselves long before creation.
     It would take the death of an innocent, sinless, creature. In the long run, God Himself would die on the cross for the sins of mankind. But at this point , since man was not able to fellowship with Him, God had to slowly work within history to woo mankind back to Him.
    It was through blood that man could even attempt to approach God now. God  Himself killed an innocent creature to clothe Adam and Eve before He drove them out of the garden. He instructed Adam and Eve that a sacrifice was needed to  approach Him. Each and every time.
     You see, God had given man something called free will. That meant he  could choose to obey or not  That is what the thing in the garden was all about. Man used his free will to not obey God. And men today do the same thing.
     So, how are you doing? The story continues. Since this is a doctrine blog now  for, I don't know how long,hang in there. More cool doctrines to come. And you can still comment to me and I will attempt to clarify for you .

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Great Divide

    This is now the fourth installment. We have God having created. We have man. We have the  animals. We have the garden.
    This is not the place to discuss sexuality. That will come in a later doctrinal discussion on humanity. This section--and I don't yet know how many more-- is on creation. I guess we should look at why God and man separated fellowship.
     In the last posting I said God created man innocent or capable of learning for himself what he needs to know. That means part of God's image consists in knowing things.
      It is not my plan to explain God's image. I don't know exactly all it is. But our ability to communicate must also be a part of that image.
      So, what happened that God and man naturally no longer walk and talk together?
      I call it a great divide.
      To do that I must insert another doctrine here. All doctrine is interconnected.
       Still I am talking about creation.
       God also created angels. Angels are God's messengers. They were created to do nothing but glorify their creator. It was a vast number. He created them in ranks or divisions with each rank having a special job. God must have given them in the beginning the ability to choose where they wished to serve. The Bible says that one called Lucifer became prideful and thought himself independent. He somehow got a third of the angels to agree with him and they opposed God's authority. So Lucifer got thrown out of heaven and the other angels who followed him also were cast out.
     Lucifer and his angels were thrown to earth. Lucifer because Satan (Accuser) and his angels became demons.
     They watched as God created man.
      They heard what God told Adam and Eve, the two innocent humans--"Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree,  in which is the fruit of the tree yielding seed..."  for they had watched as God created all the trees-- also the tree of life in the midst of the garden and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God told them to eat of every tree in the garden except for that one which was in the midst.
        It was a test of obedience
        Satan saw a way he could get God to throw man out of the garden and separate Himself from them, just as he had separated Himself from fellowship with him.
         Get them to doubt God and disobey a command.
          And it worked. He went after the woman. He figured, rightly, that the man loved the woman so much he would follow in the disobedience.
           And God did throw them out of the garden. But not before leaving a way open to restore fellowship--something He did not do for the angels.         
           This means there will be some more posts.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Then Along Comes Man


  Now we move along to God's crown jewel of creation.
   It was good that God created planets and stars and choose one planet to populate.
   The highest peak of His creation was man. Why? Because only man was created in the image of God. Man was created to have a relationship with his Creator.
    We read that God walked and talked with man in the garden. Man had all he needed or wanted.
     Man was created innocent. Innocent in the area of being a blank slate. He had nothing to distance himself from his Creator.
     God, as a loving creator met man's needs.
      Being created in the image of God he was like a child just learning. God was sort of a parent. man was the child. God said here was one thing man was not to do. To test man's obedience God said in love that there was one thing man must not do. "Of all the tress in the garden you shall eat. But of the tree in the middle of the garden, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you are forbidden to eat-- or on the day you do so you shall no longer be able to fellowship with me.
      All went well, Until that day which will be covered In the next post.
      God wants fellowship. He wants a relationship. That relationship was broken. Man was the one who broke it, not God.
       The image was bent and man sought a relationship in other things, not God.
       Just trying to make you wish to read the next post. See you there.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Show Begins

  Before there was anything, there was God. The first verse in Genesis states, in the beginning God created. He didn't need a big bang. All He needed was the spoken word. All came into being because He spoke it out.
   All the stars we see through a telescope-- all the things we see trough a microscope-- God made them by a word.
   The land we walk on--the air we breathe. All spoken into existence by God.
   The animals we see even us.. spoken into existence by God. 
    And humans are special. The Bible says God created Adam and Eve and blew into them life. This was a way of saying, God shared some of Himself with us. What is called the image. It is not physical. Since God is spirit, it was something to do with spirit.
    We read Adam and Eve had daily fellowship with God. They walked together, is the way the scriptures put it.
     Why we don't walk with God today will be covered in the next post.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Beginning

  I thought about it and decided the best place to start is at the beginning and since I am going to do a study of doctrine for you., that beginning should begin farther back.
   Back to before the beginning. In school, I am sorry to say, you have been told a lie. The earth has not always been. It had a beginning and that beginning did not start it a big bang. God spoke things into existence.
    Okay, so let's say there was that bang. What was behind that bang. Great masses building up pressure and all at once the pressure is released.  Humm. Where did the mass come from?
    I hold there was nothing in the beginning. No matter. No form. No solids. Nothing.
    But God. Why?
    Didn't I say we needed a cause. A cause who is not caused?
    And God had no reason to cause anything. He was not lonely. God exists in a Trinity.-- Father, Son, And Hold Spirit. He had Himself and no needs. More on this in another post.
     So where did the world come from? Why creation? God spoke it in to existence. The earth and everything on it. The sea, the land, the plants, the animals, and man.
     And it was all good.
     But what happened to make it not good?
     Questions which we will look at as this study goes on.

Monday, June 26, 2017

A Proper Foundation


Shortly after I had posted the last message on this blog I noticed the ad for The Reorganized Church (Which is Mormon) was taken down. That is good.
 A person still has to be very careful when it comes to proper correct orthodoxy.
 I therefore have come to the conclusion what is needed as the next subject to be handled in this blog is the subject of  Doctrine.
 That is not a dirty word
 To properly understand Bible Study you must properly understand Doctrine.
 If you don't properly understand Doctrine you end up accepting untruth and from there you end up not having a solid foundation to work with.
 A Mormon has the wrong idea of what a church is.  The church is a group of people, not a building, who all have a relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is recorded to have said, in the Gospel of John, I am The Way, The Truth, The Life. No one comes to the Father but through me. -John 14:6
  He has called Himself  I AM. That is the name of God who met Moses in the burning bush.
  Enough said. Please comment back to me if you need further discussion.
   So now you have helped me set the direction we need to go. Or I should say, who ever handles the ads did so.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Not recommended

You may have noticed an ad on the side of this blog for the Restored Church of God. This book is not recommended. It is not the view of the writer of this post. I have offered to my readers an  orthodox presentation of truth.  I am ready to handle any comments. If you wish an answer, please leave with your comment a way I can get back to you. A real email address will do.
 The thing is I must monetize the postings so I allow ads. I don't own the ad agency.
  Until next time.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Deacons and Ordination

Recently, on a Sunday, since that is the day my church holds services, we had in addition to the full service of songs, announcements, more songs, sermon-- we had an ordination service for a new minister to the office of Pastor/Teacher-- and to also ordain a few Deacons.
 The sermon was on the leadership obligations, both for the Pastor, who is also a Teacher, and of the Deacons. It was pointed out, and I have mentioned this earlier in this blog, the deacon is not the head leader in the fellowship. He is only to help the pastor care for the congregation. It was pointed out the Pastor is like a doctor who sets a broken bone. The Deacon then is the nurse who changes the dressing and sets the splint.
  As for the question of ordination--I firmly believe the ordination sets the person apart for the office.
   The deacon should not be a warm body who fills a hole. I had been called to the Deacon board of a fellowship who treated the office that way. I served my three years as a missions person and so I was stuffed in the Deacon office after my three years was up. On that board I only dispensed money without any investigation on the part of the board and discussion.
   Now in the new fellowship I help in the Lord's table, I can investigate stated needs, and bring to the attention of the Deacons the suggestion of financial help, I can visit shut-ins, and so on. And this one is an ordained office. And I report to the Pastor.
   Yes, 1Timothy talks about the Deacon and what to look for before placing the man in the office. Deacons are spoken of in Acts six. Table waiters and not church leaders. At least not the Pastor but the one who make it possible for the man called to be Pastor to preach and study the Word.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

You Are Important

  Okay. There has been no response to my earlier posts. There has been no feedback so I don't know just what it is you people out there want.
   Let me say that I need feedback. Since I feel this blog is worth pursuing., I will pick up my computer and start again.
   You--every one of you-- are of worth. I believe that or else I wouldn't have started this blog. But you are puzzling. I need to get some feedback so I can better meet your needs.
   I have other blogs for marketing purposes. My blog for vitamins is for the purpose of getting some money to be able to blog subjects such as this.
   You are of worth. You were created by God with worth. Even now you have worth. God loves you and has been seeking you. I have explained this in my earlier posts. He sent Jesus, God in the flesh, to die for your sins since the payment for sin is separation from God. God does not wish for anyone to be separated from Him but to have fellowship with Him. This is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
   Please give me feedback. I will read and respond.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Paul Still Roman-Part Seven

Now let's use the Book of Romans to answer- Can God be known  and How?
  Since you have been reading the book a few time already in preparation for this study method. you have a general idea of the answer. Since you are doing this Bible study method for application and for a tool in helping others, you need to get somewhat of a grip on the answer.
  We are still using a pencil and a notepad alongside our translation of the Epistle to the Romans
   From our reading we conclude that Paul says we are able to know God in a general way.. In general means that since God can be seen in a general way, all are guilty before God. We will find how as we read and study this book.
    He has revealed Himself. By carefully reading chapter one verses 18 to the end we should be able to answer..Use the notepad to chart the use of the phrase  "God let them over to.... Because they did not acknowledge Him."
    Note what happens when man suppress that truth.
    This is a deep study and your shouldn't expect  to dig out all the gold out of it in one study. You will only be doing a surface study at the moment. You can go back and dig more later. Note questions your reading gives you in your notebook.   
    Go back and search for the answers at a later time. I hold that the Bible explains itself.
     Comment back to me with how you are doing, please.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Romaning With Paul- Part Six

Now another way to do a word study is to take a portion of scripture and trace the words within that passage.
  I am looking at Chapter 0ne verses 18 through 20:
   For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. NASB
   You ask questions of this. How is God known? What is evident? What is the unrighteousness talked about? 
   Use the book. You have been reading through Romans a few times and by now have an idea of that is in it.
   Dig. Use a concordence which will give you each time the word is used.Jot down what you are finding in your journal or that notebook you are keeping for this study.
   This takes time. I am not talking about a short devotional time. This is work. But it is worth it.
   Please feel free to leave comments so I will know how I am doing.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Every Church Should Have Some Deacons

Table Servers
   Let me slow down and talk about a group of men that each church should have. They aren't the pastor but they are very important people. I am talking about the group of people known as Deacons.
   In scripture they show up in the book of Acts when there is a need of table waiters The church was made up of Hebrews and Hellenists- those who spoke Greek. It was over the feeding of the widows. The apostles decided that seven men full of the Holy Spirit were to be chosen for this task.
   Today the  Deacons are there to help the pastor of the church in areas of service such as serving communion, handling the money used for meeting needs of the people.
    Paul thought this so important that he tells Timothy, a pastor of a church in Ephesus, the things to look for in  choosing a man to be a Deacon. This is recorded in 1Timothy 3. Trustworthy, above reproach, not a drunk. The husband of one wife-- gentle not quarrelsome. not in it for the money, You can read it for yourself
    They are very important people.   Pastors work with deacons. Deacons serve the people. Pastors preach the word. Deacons free them up to do so.
    In fact, you can do a study of deacons using a concordance and a Bible dictionary. Doing a word study on the term Deacon should be an interesting Bible Study for you.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Keep on Romaning With Paul-part five

Jot Down Observations

Okay. Let us get back to our Bible study method using the Epistle of Romans.
 There is so much here in this one short epistle. We can follow the mention of the wrath of God. What is it? Why do we mention the wrath? Isn't God all loving? For this you will need a Concordance which lists all the words used in the Bible. Also you may want to look up the wrath of God in a Bible dictionary. Make note in the margins of the paper you are recording your observations.
  Remember, I said you should have a notebook to jot down your observations. This is very important if you are serious about doing a Bible Study Method.
  Later on you will contrast the righteousness of God.
  I believe the Bible is able to answer the questions we have as we read and study. That is why having notes jot down are important. You may not find the answer in the passage of the book you are presently in, but as you read you will no doubt find some insight that will help you in your quest.
   Remember I have talked about your Bible study being like a quest for nuggets of gold? This is what I meant. Slow and steady.

Monday, January 9, 2017

A New Corner

This is Jan 9, 2017 and I took a look at what areas you readers are clicking into and I have notice that my current review of Romans is not being clicked on as much as my methods.
  So I will chill and start a new emphasis.
   Common Grace. This is something we all have based on the fact that God created us. Common Grace gives us the air we breath, the area we live in. It gives us many things we just take for granted.
  Such as, you woke up this morning. Another thing is that you started to move. God allowed you to do so.
  The fact that you can turn on  your computer or iPhone and read this page and respond to it...Common Grace.
   Also your interest in the subject of Bible Study Methods-- the decisions you make to do or not do. Obey or not obey. All allowed.. The choice to leave or not leave comments for me--
   This is a New Year. Let us start to and keep up communication.
ps. Having posted this I went back and looked at how many clicks my postings have had and I noticed the postings on Romans shows 3 clicks each so I guess I may have spoken a bit too soon. So, give me some time and I will get back to Paul.