Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Keep on Romaning With Paul-part five

Jot Down Observations

Okay. Let us get back to our Bible study method using the Epistle of Romans.
 There is so much here in this one short epistle. We can follow the mention of the wrath of God. What is it? Why do we mention the wrath? Isn't God all loving? For this you will need a Concordance which lists all the words used in the Bible. Also you may want to look up the wrath of God in a Bible dictionary. Make note in the margins of the paper you are recording your observations.
  Remember, I said you should have a notebook to jot down your observations. This is very important if you are serious about doing a Bible Study Method.
  Later on you will contrast the righteousness of God.
  I believe the Bible is able to answer the questions we have as we read and study. That is why having notes jot down are important. You may not find the answer in the passage of the book you are presently in, but as you read you will no doubt find some insight that will help you in your quest.
   Remember I have talked about your Bible study being like a quest for nuggets of gold? This is what I meant. Slow and steady.

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