Monday, January 9, 2017

A New Corner

This is Jan 9, 2017 and I took a look at what areas you readers are clicking into and I have notice that my current review of Romans is not being clicked on as much as my methods.
  So I will chill and start a new emphasis.
   Common Grace. This is something we all have based on the fact that God created us. Common Grace gives us the air we breath, the area we live in. It gives us many things we just take for granted.
  Such as, you woke up this morning. Another thing is that you started to move. God allowed you to do so.
  The fact that you can turn on  your computer or iPhone and read this page and respond to it...Common Grace.
   Also your interest in the subject of Bible Study Methods-- the decisions you make to do or not do. Obey or not obey. All allowed.. The choice to leave or not leave comments for me--
   This is a New Year. Let us start to and keep up communication.
ps. Having posted this I went back and looked at how many clicks my postings have had and I noticed the postings on Romans shows 3 clicks each so I guess I may have spoken a bit too soon. So, give me some time and I will get back to Paul.

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