Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Romaning With Paul- part 4

Bible Study

  I am going too fast and have taken on more than I can develop at the moment. Romans is a big epistle with many areas to study. I should have chosen a smaller epistle to work on. So to those who are out there waiting for me to unpack the whole thing, I will say hang on. A step at a time.
   Since this is not a group that is meeting in my house and I can not see your faces to know how I am doing, I will need you to comment from time to time and ask questions, make observations, respond. Can I get that from you?
    So I will change to a overview method and land on segments.
   In verse 17 which is part of what I submit to be the theme we read a quote from the Jewish scriptures -"The righteous shall live by faith."  We should ask ( and this is something you should note on your piece of paper you have with you as you study--to jot down questions to explore) just what is living by faith?  And what is faith? And what is righteousness? (Told you this was deep) Is there an example we can look at?
   Glad you asked.
   Paul looks at the example of unrighteousness first before he looks at a person who was living a righgteous life.
   You may have to take a paper and put on one side unrighteous and on the other righteous. In fact, that may be a good idea.
    You may be realizing when you do Bible study you need a large amount of time. It is not a small short session. It is work.
    As you read and reread the epistle you fill out the chart.
     You start your listing at verse 18. What does Paul and though Him, God, say unrighteousness looks like? What are the fruits of unrighteousness?
   It seems he spends a good amount of time on what he calls sin. Sin being less than what God requires. That definition is weak but it will do at the moment. As you work through this epistle you will come to a better definition.
   I guess  that is enough for now.
   When I see your responses I will venture on more with Romans . Until I hear from you, then, I will let Romans rest.

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