Monday, December 26, 2016

Roman With Paul- Part 3

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   I am still in the first chapter of this epistle. I may be here for a while. There is so much here for us to  dig out. It is like a mine field and we are looking for the gold.
  Well, if you have read through this epistle a few times as I suggested you are ready to start outlining.
   So you will need a piece of paper and a writing instrument. I don't think a computer, iPad or iPhone will quite be the best thing to use..
   You notice the repeat of certain words in the, let us just look  at the first fifteen verses, text. As a starting point, and this doesn't have to be the only word you note,Look at the word promise. Ask what did he promise.? What does this section tell us about that promise? Flash out  that promise. Don't be afraid to hunt through the Bible. We are told this promise came through the prophets. What have the prophets said? You may need a Bible dictionary for this. Dig. Hunt. This is a study.
   If I am going too fast or if there are any comments you wish to make, feel free to do so.
   Grace is another word to explore.
   Most scholars agree that the first 15 verses are the intro to this epistle. And that the key verse in this chapter is 16 and 17. I think these verses are worthy of being memorized .
   Why did Paul write this? That us another question you should ask.
   List your questions on the paper as you go along. Seek for the answers to the questions. Some questions will be found in the text.The Bible has the ability to explain itself.
   Enough for now. Next time we shall push on.
   Let me know how you are doing. 

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