Tuesday, August 1, 2017

All is not Lost-2

Man is now outside the garden. It is a struggle for him now to make a living. the weather has changed. It is n longer sunny every day. The ground no longer produces as much to eat as it used to. Adam and his wife argue now. They didn't use to. God is silent, it seems. They miss the daily walks with God.
 But they are still alive and if they seek God through sacrifice and prayer, they can still connect.
  I will let you in on another secret. God was not surprised when man listened to the serpent in the garden. Man at that time was innocent. He had no reason to know good and evil. God from the moment of the creation of man was his go-to man. Any question, any need, was supplied. God was     their mediator. They had it good.
  And along comes the serpent. Not just any serpent but a serpent in which the fallen angel Satan, aka, Lucifer, entered. Lucifer was trying to get God to reject His creation, man, as God had rejected him. Satan had done his homework. He had noticed that God had created a male and a female. He also noticed that it was to the man God spoke more often . He noticed that Adam would spend time transmitting the information to Eve.
   This day Adam and Eve were walking through the garden. Adam tended the garden. Eve would work along side him.  They were inspecting the trees.
    And then they came upon the one tree in the garden God had told them not to eat of the fruit from.
    Eve was ahead of Adam as they came to the tree. It was now that Satan spoke through the serpent. "Has God really said to you that you that you can eat of any tree in the garden?"
    Eve though through what she has been told God said. "Yes. Except for the fruit of this tree. And we are not even to touch it."
    Satan came back. "He is holding out on you. He knows the day you do you will know Good and Evil and become like God."
      Eve thought. Adam has not yet told her anything about that subject. Maybe the serpent was correct. So she took the fruit and ate.
     All at once her appearance changed. Adam, who was there with her, noticed this. And he knew want has happened. He could see himself losing her. So he took of the fruit and ate. His appearance changed also.
     The serpent laughed to himself. And he clapped his hands (Serpents had hands or feet at this time) I have done it, I have won.
     Then they heard God walking in the garden. All at once Adam and Eve hide.
     God found them and instructed them how to get back in fellowship with Him. And to the serpent, He took way the feet and had him crawl on the ground, slithering.
      I told you earlier about the plan the Trinity had to restore fellowship. You can go back in the earlier posts and read about it.
      Man was sent out of the garden to now work and sweat more when they did so.
      We are told the woman was deceived and the blame for the fall falls on the man.
       God also told the first humans that a Redeemer was going to be coming who would crush the serpent's head. In other words, man could be restored. Angels could not be.  Crushing the head would stop the power and control.
        Man now needed someone who could stand between him and God when it came to approaching Him. God set up the sacrifice system and the priest.  But this was to be temporary. He Himself would have to come to earth , be born, live among us, be crucified as an innocent sinless creature, rise the third day, ascend back into heaven to become a link between God and man.
           But that is another post down the line.

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