Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Lamb of God

No longer was man in the garden. It was no longer easy for him to approach God. God did give them a way. Through sacrifice. Through a lamb. God even decided to work through a nation.
 In the garden he was working through Adam and Eve. They sinned. They were  the start of God's working in the world. But He had a bigger plan in mind.
 So he chose Abraham and made from him a nation. The journey now lead through many centuries and many lands. But Abraham was promised some day a land, a people and a redeemer.
 Remember--Abraham was near 100 when he had a son. From this son would come the Jews, a nation of God's choosing, A nation that was to bring about a redeemer.
  I realize I am making this simple. I want you to grasp what I am saying. Since these postings are covering the subject of doctrine, I wish to make it so the little child can grasp it.
  The people called Hebrews were charged to bring  God to the heathens around them. They were also to stay pure. Not marry other nation's women or do what the nations around them were doing. No idol worship. No making of idols, no false tales. No lying-- Bearing false witness.  They were given the ten commandments as guidelines. They broke them all.
   God provided priests and prophets to guide them. Few listened.
    God sent them into captivity so they would perhaps learn to listen to Him.
    Finally, as per the discussion They (The Godhead) had in eternity past, God Himself entered into humanity. He became a baby. He felt every thing as a man. He bleed when cut. He cried. He felt pain. He felt sorrow. He felt disgust  He was fully human. While at the same time He remained God. This is a mystery. It was just done.
  This does not mean we humans are little gods. We aren't. We have within our bodies a broken sinful nature. God, who was given the human name, Jesus, did not have sin. By not having the seed of an earthly father, a male who carried the sin seed, He alone was born sinless. His human mother, Mary, had the seed of sin in her. But sin was not transferred to Jesus.
    He lived thirty years here on the human plan fully man, fully God-- as I said above. Then He was killed on a cross. Buried in a tomb. On the third day after he was put in the tomb, He came out.
     In a body He rose back to heaven. He will come back again some day soon.
     Man can now approach God because of what God has done not what man does.
     I know this is a lot to take in. Read it a few times. If  you have any question, post them in the comment section. I will be happy to help you.

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