Thursday, July 27, 2017

God's Supreme Creation

In The Book It Is Written
  Adam and Eve have now been thrown out of the garden because of disobedience. This disobedience we know theologically as sin. They lost the daily communication with God. Now they had to work the soil more intently before the ground would give produce. The animals over which they had control now would turn against them. People, other people, would distrust them. Maybe even war against them. Murder entered the world. Lying. cheating, adultery. Homosexuality. Transgenderism. Selfishness. And so much more.
  But God had a plan. He was going to redeem man. Not because man was lovable. Not because man was good under the skin. No, the Bible says that there is none righteous, all righteousness that man is capable of doing is as rags that a woman uses to stop the flow during a period.. Would you like someone to offer you rags like that?
   No, God wanted to redeem man because man still had the image of God and God loves that image.
   So God gave Adam the command to do a sacrifice-- to kill an innocent lamb and offer that lamb as a sacrifice to Him in order to be allowed back on worship ground with Him. But this had to be done every time man sinned. Over and over. God even choose priests to do this for the people as a representative.
        But God did not want a human sacrifice as seen in the other nation's attempt to approach their idea of god. God set apart a nation for Himself. The people known as the Jewish race. But they also walked away from God.
   God even gave standards they could use to show them their need of righteousness. God gave them to Moses who gave them to the people. No one was able to keep them. I'll let you in on a secret. God didn't expect them to be able to do so. He just want to show that there was none righteous, no not one.  God's plan from before time began, when God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit
decided together that God Himself was to become a man and die on the cross and rise again three days later and carry the blood of the sacrifice into heaven to present to God a completed act. 
I better say so long for now and I'll post more later.

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