Wednesday, July 19, 2017

All Is Not Lost

   Now the great rescue is put in place. Man has sinned. that is, sin is disobedience to God's command. Adam and Eve had been told not to eat of that tree. And they had.
   And the outcome was death or separation from God. No longer could they have fellowship with Him. God is too holy and pure. Man lost his innocence. He was not to have learned evil that way.
   That did not mean he lost the image. That got bent and distorted. From now on when ever he was to try to conceive of God he would sense something greater and wish to make contact, but he would be unable to. So he would make images of what he conceived this god in his image to be.
    God wanted to restore to man what he had in the garden. In fact God--, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,  had the solution already prepared, They had discussed this among themselves long before creation.
     It would take the death of an innocent, sinless, creature. In the long run, God Himself would die on the cross for the sins of mankind. But at this point , since man was not able to fellowship with Him, God had to slowly work within history to woo mankind back to Him.
    It was through blood that man could even attempt to approach God now. God  Himself killed an innocent creature to clothe Adam and Eve before He drove them out of the garden. He instructed Adam and Eve that a sacrifice was needed to  approach Him. Each and every time.
     You see, God had given man something called free will. That meant he  could choose to obey or not  That is what the thing in the garden was all about. Man used his free will to not obey God. And men today do the same thing.
     So, how are you doing? The story continues. Since this is a doctrine blog now  for, I don't know how long,hang in there. More cool doctrines to come. And you can still comment to me and I will attempt to clarify for you .

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