Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Show Begins

  Before there was anything, there was God. The first verse in Genesis states, in the beginning God created. He didn't need a big bang. All He needed was the spoken word. All came into being because He spoke it out.
   All the stars we see through a telescope-- all the things we see trough a microscope-- God made them by a word.
   The land we walk on--the air we breathe. All spoken into existence by God.
   The animals we see even us.. spoken into existence by God. 
    And humans are special. The Bible says God created Adam and Eve and blew into them life. This was a way of saying, God shared some of Himself with us. What is called the image. It is not physical. Since God is spirit, it was something to do with spirit.
    We read Adam and Eve had daily fellowship with God. They walked together, is the way the scriptures put it.
     Why we don't walk with God today will be covered in the next post.

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