Thursday, June 1, 2017

Deacons and Ordination

Recently, on a Sunday, since that is the day my church holds services, we had in addition to the full service of songs, announcements, more songs, sermon-- we had an ordination service for a new minister to the office of Pastor/Teacher-- and to also ordain a few Deacons.
 The sermon was on the leadership obligations, both for the Pastor, who is also a Teacher, and of the Deacons. It was pointed out, and I have mentioned this earlier in this blog, the deacon is not the head leader in the fellowship. He is only to help the pastor care for the congregation. It was pointed out the Pastor is like a doctor who sets a broken bone. The Deacon then is the nurse who changes the dressing and sets the splint.
  As for the question of ordination--I firmly believe the ordination sets the person apart for the office.
   The deacon should not be a warm body who fills a hole. I had been called to the Deacon board of a fellowship who treated the office that way. I served my three years as a missions person and so I was stuffed in the Deacon office after my three years was up. On that board I only dispensed money without any investigation on the part of the board and discussion.
   Now in the new fellowship I help in the Lord's table, I can investigate stated needs, and bring to the attention of the Deacons the suggestion of financial help, I can visit shut-ins, and so on. And this one is an ordained office. And I report to the Pastor.
   Yes, 1Timothy talks about the Deacon and what to look for before placing the man in the office. Deacons are spoken of in Acts six. Table waiters and not church leaders. At least not the Pastor but the one who make it possible for the man called to be Pastor to preach and study the Word.

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