Sunday, May 14, 2017

You Are Important

  Okay. There has been no response to my earlier posts. There has been no feedback so I don't know just what it is you people out there want.
   Let me say that I need feedback. Since I feel this blog is worth pursuing., I will pick up my computer and start again.
   You--every one of you-- are of worth. I believe that or else I wouldn't have started this blog. But you are puzzling. I need to get some feedback so I can better meet your needs.
   I have other blogs for marketing purposes. My blog for vitamins is for the purpose of getting some money to be able to blog subjects such as this.
   You are of worth. You were created by God with worth. Even now you have worth. God loves you and has been seeking you. I have explained this in my earlier posts. He sent Jesus, God in the flesh, to die for your sins since the payment for sin is separation from God. God does not wish for anyone to be separated from Him but to have fellowship with Him. This is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
   Please give me feedback. I will read and respond.

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