Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Look At The Assembly Called City Of God

 The other week I got a post card in my mail announcing a new church group was meeting at a near by school. They were attempting to get a following in the Santa Monica, CA area.
   I , being a analytical person, did some research.
   I found that they are a charismatic group. Anyone can call themselves charasmatic. That just means spirit lead. A charismatic group tends to be a bit free in form.
   A look at their doctrine of faith seemed to be in order. They do hold to the Trinity. They have separate statements for each person of the Godhead. They have a statement of hell and eternal life. A statement also covers salvation. There is one on the atonement.
   Okay. They look sound.
    The name they choose is one that won't pull many seekers. It brings to mind the book by Saint Augustine by the same name.
    They have a web site ( no one can survive in this internet age without one) but it doesn't say much. There is no place to get a statement of faith or information. There is a contact us link, but that is all.
    I would say, as I would any group, be careful and wise if you follow this movement. Their slogan is "disciples on a mission." You  would think they wouldn't want to hide their belief . You would think they would want to proclaim what they are and not have a person dig.
     In the later days men will be lovers of self
     Seeking out people to tickle their ears.
    This has been a look at the Assembly called City Of God.
     Reviewed 26 March 2014

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