Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Possible versus Best When We Pray

Prayer Of the Righteous
 Recently I read a book.. in fact I am still reading it.. titled God Is Just Not Fair" and I will be talking about it in a review on my book review site soon. but not just now.
   It was reading the section on prayer. It intrigued me. Usually when a person talks on prayer you get pablum. You know the stuff. Pray and God answers either yes, no, or wait.
   This take on prayer was that when we pray, God always answers. The answer He gives is not based on what is possible (The Bible says all things are possible with God, so we don't have a person up there who is given a request that is not possible to be answered) but on what is best for us.
    The example is Jesus praying in the garden that if it were possible God would not send Him to the cross to die in our place. But the stipulation was not my will, but thine be done. The best was that Jesus go to the cross. take upon Himself the payment for our sins. The best was to die, not to be spared the cross.
     God hears the prayer of a righteous person. A person is righteous if he is a Christian. God hears the prayer of His people.. those who are blood bought. All our prayers are heard. All are answered. All are responded to according to what is best.
    That is why Paul never had the thorn removed. God did answer Paul's prayer to remove the thorn. It was possible for God to remove the thorn. But it was best that the thorn remained in Paul's case..
    So it is for us. Some people are healed still by prayer. Others stay in their state. The evidence of the answer is not the result but the faith. Now faith is the evidence of things unseen.
     Let me know how you are doing in your prayer life. Is this posting helping you?

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