Saturday, September 7, 2013

View The Word In Your Mind

   Let  me continue a series on Bible study methods.
    As I have pointed out in the past in the earlier postings, there are many ways to do Bible study.:       
   There is the ABC method and the analytical method
   These were handled earlier and you should be able to go into the directory and locate them.
   This method is to put yourself in the portion you are reading. View it through your own eyes.
    Ask yourself, what am I feeling? What time of day is it? Would I be tired or wide awake.?
   If you were one of the twelve walking with Jesus when this happened, what would you be thinking?
    For example. The feeding of the five thousand.
   These people have followed you all day. You need to rest. You are hoping that Jesus wants to rest. The people have to be fed.
   Are you the one who says send them away? Or are you one who just doesn't care? Are your tired?  
   What did you think when Jesus said to have the crowd sit down? What were you thinking when Jesus took the loaf and the fish? What were you thinking when Jesus held it out and blessed it?
    Put yourself in the situation. Experience it as if you are there at the moment.
     It will take you time to  get through the whole Bible this way but you are studying it and allowing it to get in you and change your thought pattern. And that is good.

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