Wednesday, January 23, 2013

That Blessed Hope

   The Christan has that blessed Hope that one day soon. no matter what happens in the world, that Jesus is coming back and that when he does all will be set right.
     Another hope is that the body he is living in will be changed. No more sickness. No more aches and pains. No more nutritional problems. He will have a new body that will be patterned after that of His Lord Jesus Christ.
    Just think about that. There will be no need to take vitamins to keep the body in balance. No more exercising until the body says "Enough".
    But as for now we need the nutrients. We need to have a balance. We need to shop on line   for the best deals on vitamins at a good price.
     And we need to know what God is saying to us. That is why we spend time in morning devotions. We start out with a notebook and a good pen . We read a portion of the Bible. After all, this is what God has caused to be written and it is all He wants us to know. It is HIs communication with us. God has spoken and it is found in His Word.
   We communcicate back through prayer. It is a relationship we have.
    We record in the notebook what God is saying to us that day through that portion of Scripture.
     Man and woman is both physical and spiritual. For the health of our body we exercise and shop on line   for our supplements, those vitamins that our body needs.
      For our spiritual needs we have the Bible.

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