Friday, January 25, 2013

Good Listening

    It is now the New Year and I need to let you know you can hear good sermons. Since I am a member of Acts Church and an attender of Victory Christian Fellowship I will no doubt lean towards those two groups.
     All you need is a computer. A computer you can buy at almost any store now, it seems.  Try a place like officemax or ABT Electronics.
   Once you have the computer you need a on-line connection. Almost all computers have internet access.
    To hear the sermons from Acts you go here: Their web site is  If you in to itunes it is
   Now when it comes to Victory at the moment they are doing the Sermon On The Mount. That is the series for the New Year. For them it is: Their itune connection is http://itunes.applecom//us/podcast/victory-christian-fellowship/id458552062 .

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