Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blessings Today

Today I want to think about blessings. We all have some.
   God got you up this morning. That is a blessing. There are a few who didn't get up this mornng but went on to their eternity. But you have been blessed with another day.
   Thank God for the blessing.
    You were able to stand up. That is a blessing.
    Thank God for the blessing.
      Even if you can't stand up but you can still breathe the air. that is a blessing.
      Thank God for the blessing.
      You are in your right mind. That is a blessing.
      Thank God for the blessing.
       You are able to do something to provide for your self. That is a blessing.
       You have bills. That is a blessing.
       You can understand words. That is a blessing.
       In other words, all that we do is a blessing. All that we have is a blessing.
        Blessing means favor. The Oxford Dictionary of Current English states for blessing 'something which you are very grateful for.
      Just what are you grateful for?
     I have allowed people to respond. Feel free to do so.
      Bless me by your comments.
     Or if you don't want to do that, you can get a notebook from a stationary store and write down what you are feeling grateful for and then pray back to God your blessings.
      God has blessed you and He knows about the blessings He has bestowed on you. But have your thanked Him? It will be good for you to do so. Just as a parent wants to know that his blessings are appreciated let me inform you that God also wants to know we appreciate His Blessings.
      So what can you do?
     1- Be thankful.
      2-Speak out your thankfulness.

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