Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 is a New Slate

       Soon it will be 2013. A new year. A clean slate. 2012 will disappear and soon be only a remembrance.
        In 2012 we saw the re-election of an American President. The choice this time was between more of the same liberal agenda and policies of hands out to the people who feel entitled to be taken care of just because they occupy land on the earth-- programs they didn't earn (The Bible says that if a person will not work, neither let him eat.-- in other words, earn what you get through activity.)  and a man who felt you need to earn what you get.    
    After all, Romney had a job and knew how to earn what he got. Obama hasn't had to sweat for anything. He even had the entitlement feature of being black. And Americans seem to be afraid of blacks and tend to bend over backwards to give unearned favor to a person of color.
      But 2013 is before us. We can decide how we are going to leave our imprint on the year.
      Christianity Today has a report that we are becoming as a nation less centered on the teachings of the Bible and more humanistic. True, we are not a theocracy and never have been.
      You will hear someone say we were not founded as a Christian nation. If they mean we were not founded as a theocracy, a nation that was set up to have God as the ruler , in that I will have to agree. But George Washington did believe in God. Sure, he was a deist. He still had a sense of a supreme being ruling over the nation. A high percentage of our founders did believe in a supreme being and based their writings on that. And this was passed down to us in our Constitution which in the twentieth and twenty first century is being torn down and made to say something it was never set up to say.
      Let me step off my soap box. I just feel deeply about this.

      So in 2013 we can make new resolutions that we can strive to keep. Hopeful one will be to keep America  free. Also to be strong as a nation. We must also resolve to do to others what we would have them do to us. But at the same time we shouldn't allow them to take advantage of our stance that all people are worthy because all have been created in the womb by God. They are somebody. Even those who don't see things the way we do.  

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