Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mary And Her Place In History

  Mary, the young girl, about fourteen, whom we read about in the gospels, was an ordinary person. There was nothing to make her stand out among all the young girls of her day.
   She was promised to a man called Joseph. That meant she was set apart by her parents to marry this business man named Joseph.
   And one day as she was praying an angel appeared to her. And greeted her and told her she was going to be the woman who was to carry a special child.
   She was highly favored of God.. Not a special person. Not really out of the ordinary. Well, maybe there was something we don't know about how God chooses. All we know is that God wanted her to carry the fetus that would be Born into the world as Jesus.
     Joseph was a favored person also. Can you imagine. A Jewish gentleman who was promised to a virgin suddenly discovering his betroved was pregnant., It wasn't his. And he thought he knew she wasn't one to play around. She was a virgin.
   A virgin is a person who has not had a child. He himself was a virgin. They didn't play around. If they had, in a small town such as Nazareth was, word would get around and they would be stoned.
   And it is recorded that he was about to give her the divorce papers when an angel of God, Gabriel to be exact, appeared to him in  a dream at night and let him in on the plan. The baby wasn't his . The baby was placed in Mary by the Holy Spirit.
     And after this dream there was no longer any thought by Joseph to seek a divorce.
    They both knew the Bible well. They were God fearers. Mary's song to God recorded in Matthew was full of references to the Psalms and the Prophets. She knew her scriptures. She had memorized the passages and had hidden them in her heart and that was what came out when she spoke.
     She was not and is not a sinless person. She needed a savior as much as any other sinner. "My heart rejoices in  God my savior.."
     What a great thought to carry with you this Christmas season. Mary is not someone to be put on a pedestal and worshipped.

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