Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Transgender Question

  I was reading this morning in our Santa Monica paper about a problem schools are having defining just what gender a person was. This has to do with what bathroom they will be using. What their acceptance will be by others. And so much more.
   Just what does the Bible have to say about transgender?
   That is a good question to ask. And it is both easy and hard to answer.
    Easy in that the Bible states God created them male and female in the beginning. God did not create transgender. He molded the person in his mother's womb. God makes no mistake in the forming.
    Hard in that society has thrown out the Bible as a book of authority.
    Instead society is looking toward science.. more exactly psychology, as the authority. And I understand psychology has thrown out the definition of transgender as abnormal. They have put the stamp of approval on the .. yes, let me state it plainly-- sinful behavior.
     I don't have to excuse myself. If you have read this blog for any time you know where I stand on the subject of sin. Sin is real. Sin is following short of the standard. And the standard is not what I say but what the God who has created me has said.
   So, no, transgender is not normal.
   So somewhere in that child's upbringing, it wasn't in the womb, he or she was told that it was not usual for them as the gender they were to do certain things or feel certain ways and be that gender.
   I know I may be sounding simplistic. Well, so be it..
    A child's brain is not able to  take in certain concepts. If in the education they receive they are presented with confusing signals and information, and they are approached by chicken hawks (I think that is what they are called) then in order to be accepted by the group they have fallen in, they adjust to the best of their limited ability.
   Okay, so look it up for yourself and come to your own conclusions. I have stated my opinion and now it is up to you to be brave enough to seek out your own answers.

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