Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bible Reading Update

       I was rereading my seminary text books the other day and I was fascinated by the book that had to do with Old Testament Theology. In it was stated something I guess I knew yet was not actively applying.
       It was the idea that when the people before the incarnation were reading their scripture they had yet to have a complete expalination of God and what He was like. Even today, if you were to think about it, we still have pockets of mystery when it comes to understanding completely.
      Yet today we have more understanding and more revelation of what God is like than they had back then.
      Well, this Old Testament scholar, I think it was Claus Westermann and his book," Elements of Old Testament Theology," stated that they only had trust in what had been written down to that point and were finding that God revealed Himself through actions.
     The example I like to use is the one of Abraham and his son Isaac. Abraham was told by God to take his son and sacrifice him on the mount.
     The people around him would sacrifice their first born child as a form of worship. That was all Abraham knew. Would this God he was following be like those of the nations around him?
      Abraham was willing to follow what he knew about God. So he made ready to sacrifice Isaac, firmly believing that God was able to raise Isaac from the dead if need be. After all, God had promised him that it was through Isaac that God was going to bring a great nation. And Isaac had to be alive to do so.
      Abraham found that God didn't want human sacrifice as a worship activity, as the nations around him, but He was different.
       You can explore more about this subject on your own.
      For help you can use this book on research tools using the search engine Google.. It is from the Dummy collection but I have found the series to be more than just written on a dummy level. It is written on a level that is understandable.

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