Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We Have A New Pope

        We now have a new Pope even along side Benedict XVI. It will be hard for him, no doubt, to reign just across the courtyard, more or less, from a living Pope. Normally the last Pope dies and has to be replaced.
         This time one has resigned and lingers. A new Pope is set up.
        Just who is this person? A biography has been written. More like a press release, but you have to start someplace.
       It is not like he is not known by the inner circle. He worked fairly close with John XXIII and with Benedict XVI. He just does not put himself forward to be notriced. He seems to have been working behind the field in the background.
     A book has been written ,as I have noted. Francis, a man of prayer by Mario Escobar. I will place a link to Amazon so you can get this book..
     You should get to know this person. He may do great things.

Francis: Man of Prayer

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