Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two Ways and Two Roads

  There is that portion in the Sermon On The Mount that Jesus gave as recorded in Matthew 7:13-20 where Jesus talks about gates and ways that people use to get through life. You know the passage. Jesus says, Enter by the narrow gate...
    Then He talks about a wide  gate. Two gates. The narrow and the wide. The wide gate is one most people find and walk on. It is easy. It is wide. And then there is the narrow gate that is not as easy. To enter you must drop some bags.
   The outcome of each path is different. The broad way is fun now but in eternity the end is away from God's presence.
  The narrow way is not easy now yet it leads to life with God.
   Daryl , the pastor of Victory Christian Fellowship, does a better explanation than I. You can listen to him here --which is a place to find the podcast.

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