Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Toxic Emotions Continued

So the series goes on. Toxic emotions are those that block your spiritual channel to blessings. Toxic thoughts are such that get  into your mind and work out in your actions. And you are asking yourself , where did that come from?
It comes from your childhood and your present actions are the result.
But Dr. Leaf says they can be wired out by a brain washing.
  Along the same subject, but not exactly, there is a book out that I have reviewed in my book blog - Runaway Emotions   that circles this area.
Anyway, the idea is that the brain wires these feelings in the brain and these feelings are transmitted to your nerves that record the feeling. The next time it occurs your brain remembers and the nerves react just as they had the first time.
  Anger is a toxic reaction to a situation.
  When you feel a toxic moment stop and ask yourself-- what am I feeling? How am I feeling. What did I just do? Journalize it. Record how you reacted. Talk it out. Tell God about it. Ask for His help. Seek others help.
    Get some exercise. Get the blood flowing in your brain.

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