Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bible Reading Plan Through The Year

        When ever a person wants to read through the Bible.. and they should.. they can pick up a plan to do so almost anyplace in the church they attend. There is the slower plan put out by some ministers to have you read a portion in the morning and a portion at night.
        The Navigators have a plan to read three chapters in the Old and a three chapter portion from the New each day and to record what you are finding there. You go through the old once in a year and the new twice.
        There is the reading plan found in any Bible that will have you reading the Bible through all the way in a years' time.
          I am all for it--reading through the Bible. And once you do it once, start over. Use a different translation. Take notes. Do word studies. Do biographical studies. Do themes. If you are a Christian you must come to the place where you realize this Book..The Scriptures.. is God speaking. God had people He would depend upon to hear Him and transcribe what HE was saying.
          Ask what is being said? To whom is He speaking? Why is He saying it that way? Does it reveal anything about God that I should know? And once I know why he said that to those people, just what does it have to do with me? Is there an example for me to follow?  Is there an error I am to avoid?  How can I teach this to another?
            Feel free to comment and give me feedback. I will respond if it is possible.

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