Thursday, February 21, 2013

God's Goodness

I had the question posted in Twitter by someone from Utah. Is God Good? God's goodness is everlasting, the Bible says.
   He got you up this morning. He is good. He allowed you to see another day. God's goodness is everlasting. He has provided to those who recive Him Eternal  Life. A relationship with Him. God is good.
     He gives you feet to walk on. God is good.
    You can wear Nikes or Puma Shoes  when you take that walk. God is good.
    And if you should decide to do a Bible study today and you get your pens and paper from OfficeMax thank God for He is good. God's goodness is everywhere.  For my Bible study I prefer the English Standard Version. Very accurate and up to date. Try it for yourself.                                    


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