Sunday, February 17, 2013

Study To Show Yourself Approved

   God has said in the Bible, His word, that you are to study to show yourself approved. This means to really do more with your Bible than just read a daily portion and then walk away.
     No, you should look on the Bible as your instruction book.
    If you are a Christian you were put in a relationship with God in order to grow.
     That would mean that God has spoken and has told us how to live this life He has given us. I belive that the Bible is His word. He has spoken and throughout the years used certain men to write down what He has said.
      In order for us to see and remember what He has said and instrructed us we will need tools.
       A Bible is number one.  Get a good one. I suggest the NIV or the NASB or the ESV.
        You will also need a good notebook to put down what He has said to you. This would mean you will also have pens .
          You can get these at an Office Max. A pen and a blank book. It can be lined or unlined.
           Open your Bible and read and ask what is it saying? When was it said? Who is it speaking to? Is there anything there that tells me about God? About man? About Sin? Is there something there for me to know?
           If possible, form a Bible study group and study in pairs. This will help in Christian Growth. Open with prayer and study together. Share needs for each other and for yourself. There is power in prayer.
         This is what I do.
         I have a time in the morning in which I pick up the Bible and read three chapters from a Bible book. I also read a psalm of the day.
         I would pray before I start that God would help me to see somethinng today that He was saying to me.
         For example on the first day  I may read three chapters in the Gospel of John. And I would also read Psalm One.
          I would take my notebook and a pen. In my notebook I would put down what impressed me that day in my reading. I would add a scripture verse of the day that I had just read. I would note any thing that I could pray about that day.
          I would pray. Thanking Him for what I had observed today.
          Then I go out to faced the world. I am equiped.

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