Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More On The ABC Study Method

    I was viewing the statistics of this blog and noticed that the ABC Method is still being looked at. So I decided to major on that subject for this posting.
     First off let me remind you why you are studying the Bible. That is: the goals.
  1.      You want to learn more about Christ
  2.       You wish to know how to be a more effective Christian
  3.        You want to know what the Bible says about a certain subject.
  4.         You want to know what does the Bible mean
  5.         You want to know how does the Bible apply
      As you study you are asking yourself those questions.
      Since I am still getting a response for the ABC Method I will discuss it a bit more here. I may repeat at certain points what the earlier post has said. That is fine as repetition is good.
       The ABC method is subjective. You are the one who determines what it is doing for you. The ABC method has many variations and is very popular.  It is basicly a simplified analytical approach to the Study of the Bible.
       We work this in reverse order. d,c,b,a.
  • D Section is where you "digest" what you have chosen. You read through the passage over and over. Usually you use ten verses. If this sounds familiar it is because in the previous posts to this blog I have been putting forth the idea of reading ten verses at a time. So you are just continuing this habit.
  • C Section is where you are doing "cross references" Try to find parallel passages or passage for each verse. It can be related to a word, an idea, or general teaching. You are letting the Bible explain itself.
  • The B section is where you are looking for the "Best Verse" in the passage you have read. Ask yourself what is the basic verse or key verse of this passage
  • A Section is where you are doing the "Application". Be sure to apply to your life the lesson of this passage. Write something like .." The Bible is saying to cast all my cares upon the Lord so I am doing this, and therefore I will not worry about...".  You shouold be able to find several; applications from the passage you are lookin gat.
     There is an E section if you wish to go deeper. The E section would be an "Extended Paraphrase."
     There you have a further discussion on the Bible Study Method--ABC Method.
     Go and may you grow deeper in the knowledge of God.

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