Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A new Pope- Pope Francis I

 Well, the waiting is over. The Roman Catholic Church has a new CEO- I mean-Pope. Pope Francis I is the name he wants. He is Jorge Marco Bergolic of the Argentine. 
  It seems this is the first Latin American Pope. He is of the fellowship of Jesuits.
   This may mean the present Pope will be more doctrinal. The Jesuit order of the Roman Chuch is the order that defends the faith against error.
   Of course that error is according to the misinterpretation of the Roman Church.
   They base their authority on church  ( and even there the term is not the same as a Christian who has a relationship with God, would use) councils and not on the Bible, the writen revealed word of God.
   Therefore their understanding is based on man's not God's revelation.
   Anyway, they now have a new Pope to replace Benedict XVI.
    Only time will tell if they made a good choice.

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