Saturday, March 16, 2013

Family Devotions is a Good Idea

    Let me post about something very important. That is important if you want to grow as a family as well as a Christian.
    That is the subject of family devotions. It is also known as family altar. 
The family that does devotions together stays together
    But I very much prefer the term family devotions.
    You gather the family together. Start small. Read from God's word, the Bible. Or you can use a devotional.
      Start where you are.
       So we will use the devotional for this discussion. We will use it because it is easy to explain what to do for family devotions.
    Have one person read the scripture passage suggested. Then have the next person read the explanation. Then have the group discuss what is being said. How it applies to their daily existence.
    If there are needs expressed, have someone record these in a journal somewhere. This is so you can refer back to it as time goes on and see how the answer has been developing.
    Don't make it too literary. Just something like, "Mike was mean to me at school today. Guess I have to learn how to forgive him."
     You can pick up supplies to record these needs such as pens and paper from an office supply store such as OfficeDepot.
      Let me know how you are doing.

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