Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why I am Doing This

      Dude. You may be thinking, just why is this guy spending so much time on subjects like cults and Bible study methods and not just blogging as in web logging? That is a very good question. As those of you who are following these posts since the beginning you know that I am setting this blog "For Your Information" up for the church group I am a member of.
   I guess I feel that since I have had some training at Western Theological Seminary I am a frustrated theologian.
   That may be true. I also don't want anyone to unknowingly be sucked into a false belief system.
   I took a class on Contemporary Theology. The text book used was by a James Livingston, Modern Christian Thouight Since it had a copyright of 1971 it didn't cover today's Christian Thought. That is, the New Age was not covered. And a good amount of Cults never got into its pages. Looking back, the cults were not the main emphasis. It was more the development of Christian Thought from the Enlightenment to Vatican Two.
    I found soon after I became a Christian in 1968 that I was given an interest in false religions. Basicly in the cults and in spiritual counterfits.
    God got my attention when I was away at college in Taft, California. I was in a Four Sqaure Gospel fellowship at the moment. I noticed the tongue emphasis going on around me. I found myself analyzing what I saw and asking "Is this something Satan could influence and get a toe hold in?" I concluded yes, since he can appear as an angel of light.
    Satan also is busy in movements that diviate from the Bible as the basis for belief.
   That is why you will be reading for a while in this blog a series on cults. That is why you have had a series on Bible Study Methods. A person must learn to feed himself. A person should  know how to test the spirits. And that is why I spend so much time systematically blogging.
     Keep on reading. Yes. Please do so. Also comment. Let me know how this is being received.

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