Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cult Characteristics

         You may ask me,"Dane, just what should I look for to see if I am in a cult or not?
          That is easy to detail. ask yourself,
  1. "Are they telling me that all Christian churches are wrong and that they are a special group to whom God alone has given truth?
  2.  Do they attack the diety of Jesus Christ and lower Him to the level of a man, or even raise man to the level of Christ?
  3.  Do they deny that man can be saved by faith in Christ? in other words, do they teach that man can make himself right with God by good works?
  4.  Do they say that their leader, human leader, has new additions to the Bible or even new interpretations?
  5.  Do they distort the Bible's teaching to suit their own particular belief about man,God,the Holy Spirit, heaven, hell, salvation or other vital doctrines?
             If so, you may be looking at a cult. Be very careful.

        Let me know if I am helping you. Comment. Defend your belief system. Am I stepping on toes? Am I firming you up?

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