Thursday, October 13, 2011

Failure Secular Humanism

    Secular humanism has had its day. As a movement it came out of a religious humanism of the Renaissance. Religious because it came with a basic appreciation of humanity Secular because it slowly eroded  progressively to attention on the glory of humanity. The humanist started to exclude God. The humanist shifted from theism to atheism in his worldview. Human reason and scientific innovation became the final authority for life and thought.
    It brought about a loss of purpose ultimately for the universe. With man no longer seen as made in the image of a Creator God he became seen as a product of chance evolutionary forces. There was no more an absolute standard for morality. Thus morality became a whim of humanity--a philosophy of relativism.
    Still we feel a need for transcendent meaning, purpose and value because we are created in the image of God.
    The humanist can not give us that compelling world view we seek for.
     But let us not forget that Christianity contained the seeds of its own destruction and a such can be directly blamed for the development of secular humanism. As developed, Christianity pushed God into the distance. They formed a click and didn't do as Jesus had told them, "Go into all the world and make disciples"
     Man forgot God entirely and found themselves left to their own devices. They substituted nature as a testing ground for technological devices..Man became dehumanized and the environment became polluted. Man no longer saw God's mandate to be stewards of the earth. Instead they substituted a view that earth was the mother of life.
     Still America had religious freedom.  But no firm foot hold any more in the Bible. America needed a spiritual foundation. So they looked to the Eastern philosophies for that foundation. They allowed in Hindu scriptures and Buddist teachings.
     Note: America was founded on Judaic-Christian values. They had a belief in a God who ruled over the affairs of men. And they favored relgious freedom.
     What we see in the New Age world view is a long line of pantheistic traditions. We also see that the origin of modern humanism in the Renaissance and Enlightenment is closely related to pantheism, occultism and animism. The spiritaul emphasis was switched from God's glory to humanity's.-- Panteistic humanists who affirmed the immanence of God but denied the distinction between the creator and creation.

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