Monday, October 3, 2011

One god- Allah

    But the Jew isn't the only one who holds the belief in one god. This movement is based on the leadership and teaching of one man called Mohammed. Mohammed  was trying to lead his followers out of a life of ideolatry. In doing so he proclaimed himself a prophet and designed  his religion around rules and regulations. He placed man under a terrible burden of responsibility.
   This is in contrast to Jesus who said "Come to me, all you who labor, and I will give you rest. ..My Yoke is easy, and my burden is light." Matthew 11:28,30
    The Islam belief systyem has five doctrines.
  1. There is one god and his name is Allah.
  2. The angel Gabriel appeared to Mohammed. There is an evil angel also called Shaitan as well as dijinns. 
  3. Moslems have four sacred books- God inspired books they call them.  The Torah of Moses ( the Pentateuch), the Zabur (Psalms of David), The Injil (gospel) of Jesus, and the final words of Allah to mankind, the Koran. This Koran is seen by them as superseding and overruling all that went before.
  4. They hold to twenty-eight prophets of Allah with Mohammed being the last and greatest prophet.
  5. On the last day when the dead are resurrected Allah  will be their judge and send the people either to heaven or hell.. Heaven will be a place of sensual pleasure. On the other hand hell will be where everyone who opposes Allah and his prophet, Mohammed, will be.
      On top of that there are pillars of faith to be observed.
  • To become a Moslem you must publicly recite the Shahadah."There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is the prophet of Allah."
  • You must pray five times a day knelling and bowing toward Mecca.
  • You must give one-fortieth of your income in alms.
  • You are required to fast on Ramadan which is on the ninth month of the Moslem luner year
  • And you should not forget the pilgrimage to Meccca. This you can do once in your lifetime.
  • There is another pillar which we here in the United States, since 9/11, are very aware of. That is the pillar of the Jihad.. It is a Holy War to defend Islam ( doesn't seem to be the case in the USA) or a reason to conquer other lands for Allah.
        That is well and good. But as I looked deeper into the subject I found that they read the Koran to say that Christ never died on the cross. It was Judas who died there. The Koran in Surah 4:111 states that man must take care of his own sin. Sin to them is failure to do Allah's will or follow the pillars which detail one's religious duties.
     Please. Am I helping you? What would you like me to clarify? What are your needs? How can I help?

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