Friday, October 7, 2011

Reasons for Activity

    It did not just happen over night. The deviations from orthodoxy came slowly. Well, not too slowly. The early church had to handle deviations and misapplications early.
     Solomon, the wisest man in the world, had this to say, "There is nothing new under the sun"
     The counterfeit truths are like water. They satisfy. But they don't hold solid when seen under the microscope of the Bible.The fake truths masked themself as orthodox but were not. When they start to say that Jesus was a creation of God, the first born of creation ,to them it meant He was created, not always existent. Or the false teaching that God is a force.
       At the start the church was strong and held a common faith and a common hope. They were close knit together in all aspects of their lives.
    The church of today has become a social club. Not all, but enough to allow error to creep in and even be accepted at truth. Today's church in America has turned into a security and entertainment center. In fact, look closely and you can see the  five major faults within the church.
  1. A rise of liberalism
  2. An isolation from contemporary world issues
  3. A lack of sound Bible teaching
  4. A failure to promote a solidly Biblical world view
  5. A fundamental failure to meet people's spiritual, psychological, and social needs
   Humanism. That is what has crept into the church. Hinduism and the Eastern Belief system has rushed in to fill the void.
    We need to, as Christians, get our World View from the Bible, God's Word. His only Word. He has communicated and put down in the Bible all He wants us to know. There will be no more communication. It is finished when the book of Revelation closed.
     We need to protect ourselves against the attacks of the cults. That is one reason I am doing this series in this blog.
       As we look at these cults we can see self-centered leaders. They do not submit to God's will. They tend to have big egos. The followers are insecure and need the ego driven leaders in order to make themselves feel worthwhile.
       Their leaders give them their interpretation of what the Bible says. In reality they teach what their books say. Yes, they tend to have a book other than the Bible. Maybe in addition to but mostly in place of.
         More. Much more in the future.
       Am I helping you? Let me know how you are. Especially those oif you who are outside the United States.

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