Saturday, October 8, 2011

Major Doctrines

    Again we spend some time with the Jehovah Witnesses. I don't think I gave you a fair enough look at their  doctrines concerning the areas that I consider important. These  areas are :What is their take on the Scriptures? How does a man attain salvation?: Who is Jesus?, What is their view of the Godhead? What is their take on what happens when a person dies?
     First we see their take on Scriptures. It is this. A study of the Bible alone is not enough to teach one God's will. You need their help. "The religion that is approved by God  must agree in all details with the Bible..," they say. Yet it must be seen through the preconceived ideas of the interpretations the church gives. Especailly in their books such as The Truth That Leads To Eternal Life.
     Secondly, we look at what rhey say about salvation. They see  it as by works instead of grace alone.
     Thirdly, we look at what they say about Jesus. He is a created being.  His resuurection was only a spirit resurrection. "The justice of God would not permit Jesus, as a ransom, be more than a perfect man; and certainly not the Supreme God Almighty in the flesh"
     Fourthly, What do they see of the godhead? Jehovah is one God and He created Jesus. "What then , do the facts show us as to the "Trinity"? Neither the word nor the idea is in God's word, The Bible. The doctrine did not originate with God"
     As to what happens when a person dies., there is no eternal punishment for the unsaved as man ceases to exist spiritually at death.
     Am I helping you? Let me know if there is anything  I can do for you,or subject I can include. And may God bless you all. 

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